Loula Father's Day


After lunch with the Bodes, we headed out to the lake to celebrate Father's day with my dad and family.

amazement with the train table 

Green Lantern...current obsession. 

shock and awe... 



Bode Father's Day


To celebrate Father's Day with Bryan's family, we went to church, stopped at the playground near church that Connor's asks to go to every Sunday and then lunch at the golf club. Beautiful day!


fun at grandpa's


We went out to Nate and Cheryl's for a little birthday celebration for Aaron. Connor can't get enough of the 4-wheeler (and knows too much for his own good in terms of turning it on, etc...) and Grayson is digging it as well.  

After awhile, Grayson gets to ride in the trailer, ha.


g's fun in the tub


This was the day my new camera came in so I had to find something to take photos of...warning they are not edited and clearly not great quality. I was more intrigued with the fact my new camera was a full sensor camera!

Mom, I'm done. Get me out. 

Oh! A truck! ("guck") 

uh oh...truck went over the edge.... 

evidence this boy might be trouble (smiles every time he does something he knows he's not supposed to) 

Why aren't you getting my truck? 

I think I just pooped. 
(kidding, but goes pretty well with his expression I'd say) 

I want my truck!


fun at the lake


We took advantage of the hot weather and headed out to the lake to cool off. Anne and Ashlynn came along for the fun, too :)



grayson: 15 months

I am horrible and have no pictures....but, at least I have his stats.


Height: 30 1/2" (21%)
Weight: 23 lbs, 10 oz (61%)
Head: 18 3/4" (71%

Still a little short, and a little pudgy...but definitely starting to even out I'd say :)

Love you, Grayson!


Golden Heart 3rd Annual Fun Run

(that's right, I'm FINALLY getting caught up on blogs :))


The 3rd Annual Golden Heart Fun Run/Walk & Kids 1K was a success! Our numbers have grown every year and this year we had a few new surprises which was fun!

The vehicle 'fair'! Thanks to DMI and North Mankato Fire Department for supplying the equipment. The kids loved it! 

My friends Anne and Erin on the course. 

Rachel, face painting specialist. Okay, specialty designs may have included spiders...rainbows...suns... 

Mom, Krystal and the kids 

the start of something great, I'm sure! 

Connor and two of his best buds from school! 

This is the first year Connor has participated in the kids run. He did GREAT! I was a little nervous he'd get freaked out during the race (you lose all sight of the parents and such while on the course), and, maybe he did...but he did awesome. 

He was BOOKING it at the end, although it might have been more of an 'omg there's my mom, there's my mom' kind of finish, ha. And, yes, he ran on the path the entire way but I was standing on the grass and I don't think he has ever been so excited to see me.

Grayson loved it! 

Thank you to all my friends and family who came! Until next year :)