more fun with the Bode girls

The other weekend, Madelyn and Ava came for a visit. Connor loves playing with these girls and with Ava, he insists on laying right next to her, sharing his blankie, staring at her and bringing her every toy imaginable. It's pretty adorable.

Trying to say cheese with a mouth full of puffy popcorn.

We then later went to the girls' house and had a blast in the sprinkler. At some point I'll get those pictures and share.


big boy bed

The other morning before work I had some random ambition to transform Connor's crib into a 'big boy bed'. The previous two nights he had slept in the really big boy bed (spare bedroom) so I thought it was probably time. I've been so indecisive on what his actual real big boy bed will be and wasn't planning on transforming the crib, but it was easy enough.

He LOVES it and has slept in it every night since. Some nights he still needs his BOB time in our bed with us, but then as soon as Bob is over he goes into his bed. This is great, because we'd gotten into the terrible habit that he fell asleep with us in our bed, then at some point, one of us would get annoyed enough with him kicking us that we'd transfer him to his crib.

The morning after his first night in the new big boy bed. Didn't fall out, and stayed at the right end, or at least that's how he was when I found him.

He is a bear to wake up in the mornings. Doesn't want to wake up, squeezes his eyes shut and says 'no school, mama' and rolls over as far away from me as I can.
Wonder where he gets this from...


introducing second gear

Bryan asked Connor if he wanted his lawn mower to go faster, of course the response was a big 'um yeah'. (every yes or no response starts with 'um' right now) So, this morning Bryan unleashed second gear, and omg it seems like it goes 10 mph. Connor I think was actually scared right away, but once it was HIS idea to shift, it was great.

I'm sure it's not great that he's shifting on the go, but not sure today was the day to try and explain that to him.



Forgot to take my camera along all weekend. So, no pictures. However, it was a great weekend. We had fun in the pool in the hotel on Saturday, great wedding, then Sunday family time with the in-laws and my family.

Bryan called me today saying they're bidding another job in Fairmont. Awesome. Especially since he called later to tell me that he won't be home til after 9 tonight. However, we are very thankful he has work, it could be so much worse.

Hoping to be a better blogger now that softball is over and only a few more weeks left of volleyball, then I'll feel like I'll maybe have some more time.

Once again, sorry for the lame, picture-less posts.


weekend plans

We have a fun weekend planned! Today Connor, Bryan, Aaron and I are headed to Rochester to stay at a hotel. Bryan and I have a wedding so Aaron will watch Connor during that, but the rest of the time we'll be in the pool I'm sure.

Tomorrow, Bryan's parents are coming over for lunch to tell us all about their two week trip to Alaska, can't wait to hear all about it.

Then tomorrow afternoon/evening we're going to celebrate my mom's birthday out at the lake.

I'm going to try and FORCE myself to take pictures so I actually have something to blog :)

Have a great weekend!


all in a days work

Here are the pics from when Connor and I went and visited Bryan on his job site and then stayed in the hotel in Fairmont.

Running the packer

Waving to mom.
It was VERY difficult to leave and go to the hotel. You can imagine the tears, anger, etc.
I don't remember what I bribed him with, but I'm sure it was something.

The hotel had a perfect sized little kid pool (along with a big pool) which was great.

Back to work the following morning, this time operating the backhoe. Hard to see, but he's pointing to something. Bryan was probably asking him 'where is [dump truck, packer, dozer, etc.]'.

And of course, it was difficult to leave once again. Not even bringing up the fact that he was going to go to Grandma Ruth's worked. But, a sucker at the gas station did the trick :)

We're hoping to take a family vacation mid-March to the Con-Expo in Vegas. Every third year of the convention is excavation type equipment. We can just about imagine Connor's expression walking into a convention center FULL of heavy equipment. Can't wait.



This past Saturday night, Connor and I drove to Fairmont where Bryan has been working to stay in a hotel with him since he had to work Sunday, too. So we got there about 6ish, went and visited Bryan at the job site (pictures to come, of course) then went to the hotel and swam in the pool. We had a great time, but still didn't really get to see Bryan since he didn't get to the hotel til about 10 and was of course gone before we woke up.

Then Sunday I dropped Connor off at my mom's and headed to a friend's house in Baldwin, WI to scrap thru Tuesday. Was nice to get away for a bit, but man did I miss my little man! Got done with his 2nd year album tho, so I'm officially only like 3.5 months behind, whoo hoo! (dork, I know)

Then today when I go to pick up Connor, I walk into the room and Connor is talking on the 'phone' (I think it was a kitchen timer?) saying 'Dad, Mom, come get me'. Then he turned around and there I was, it was pretty hilarious.

So, pics to come from the pool and Bryan's job site. Other than that, have barely taken any pictures in the last few weeks, I'll try to be better :)