Ava Marie

I FINALLY got to meet friends' new baby, Ava! She was born while we were on our cruise, then I was in Idaho and it just hasn't worked out until now. She's SO adorable and was such a doll while we were there! She of course stayed awake for my photos, she knew I was just going to torture her if she fell asleep :) Smart girl. Congrats Craig, Lora and big sister Madelyn!

We were basically out of daylight, so the photos aren't fantastic, by any means. But she's still adorable :)


fun at the office

Bryan's office, that is. My office would boring. Bryan's has lots and lots of equipment. I took off at 4 last Thursday after being gone for four days to take Connor down to play on all of the equipment. You can image how fun it was to try and leave :)

A common face lately.

Happy boy.

Watching the semi-trucks come in and out.


State Vball: last post

Championship day :)

The girls wanted a pic, it's really all about us, right?
Yeah, no.


And then, on our way home. We have to stop for this.
Not sure what you're looking at? Here's a close up.

What the H?
So, we thought it was an ostrich.
And then we found out someone that lives nearby has these birds. And they're not ostriches.
But, they must be in the same family.
Definitely not something you see everyday. At least not in Nicollet, MN.


state vball: evening

It wouldn't be state volleyball without a little evening fun. This year we had a near perfect schedule, with pool play starting at noon on Saturday, ending around 4. Then the first playoff game was at 9:10 (had this been earlier it would have been a truly perfect schedule). So, we ate and had a few drinks in between, then went out after our first tourney win. Good times! Oh, and to seal the deal on our perfect schedule, we didn't play until 11:45 the next morning :)

Bag man.

Jess and her friend Kristi.
That made for three 'christys', and all spelled differently.

Jess faked her out, was going in with a goofy face but switched it up at the last second.

Zach's new coat. Hot, huh?


Again, she took this herself. And didn't delete it, therefore, I post.
Jess, consider yourself warned.

Shuffleboard at the ball. SUPER fun. I felt like I was on the Olympic curling team, minus the sweeping.

And if you can believe it, we were back at the hotel by 1. Just enough time to have a good time, good drinks and lots and lots of laughing.


LOVING spring

We are absolutely loving this weather. Connor LOVES to be outside. The other day one of his teachers told me he did NOT want to come inside and couldn't even be persuaded with food (which normally works). Today after work he and Bryan played out in the garage, brought the bikes and stroller up to the garage, rode around on both a bit, then we took a family trip to Menards, walked around in the garden center and just had a fun evening. LOVE that! Cherishing these days that Bryan is home still at a decent time!

(no intention of jinxing this weather by calling it 'spring'...I am well aware we could encounter multiple snow storms yet before spring is REALLY here)

State Volleyball

Pictures from our first day. This year we played at St. Cloud State, which was a WAY better facility than in Hutchinson last year. Everyone was in one place, no driving to different locations, and our hotel was right next to the bars :) (ie walking distance!)

the fieldhouse

We clearly hadn't played any ball yet :) Much too energized.

They didn't want their picture taken.

Then I made them.

Ryan and Kacie

Mitch and Christi

Jess. Our team photographer.
She took this herself, and didn't delete it, so I don't fell bad for posting it.

A few action shots.
More photos to come.


State Co-Rec Volleyball Champs!

We did it! We won State! Pretty exciting :) It was a fun two days of lots of volleyball and we finally won! Whoo hoo!

Class B
Co-Rec Station Champions
Left to Right:
Zach, Kacie, Ryan, me, Mitch, Christi, Nicky, Aaron

However I will say, I am SO looking forward to being HOME and 'plan-less' for like the next few months! Nothing really planned except possibly another half marathon in April (well, I'm definitely going to be there with my girlfriends, whether or not I run in it is another question), so I'm pumped!

Snowmobile Fun

While Bryan and I were on the cruise, Connor and my Dad took a snowmobile ride. I guess he was a little unsure at first but was saying 'whooooaaaaaaaa' the whole time. Pretty hilarious.


Vday Photos

Clearly I'm behind on posting. Here are some photos my co-worker Michelle took in hopes of getting a good Valentine's Day card. He didn't cooperate very well...except the one time he snuck under the bed and thought he was funny :)


snow fun

These are old, from the middle of January, but just found them in my gmail :) Connor was at my parents.

Wouldn't say he was loving the sled ride, no.

Apparently it was something to do with his mittens...he HATED the mittens.


helping bake

Connor loves to help in the kitchen. He has his two-step stool and drags it back and forth from the island to the counters, wherever I'm doing something.

What was I thinking letting him stir the brownies unattended?

Don't worry, I warned the person these were baked for that there was a little extra love in them.