There have been so many moments that I am sure Connor is just going to let loose and walk...but no such thing yet. He can walk while pushing things, but we're in no rush. I can't imagine him walking. He's growing up SO fast!


Slumdog Millionaire

Bryan and I went to see this movie on Valentine's Day and loved it. Definitely sounded a little 'weird' to me mixing a story of growing up in the slums of India with India's version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire...really. But, it all makes sense in the movie and it's awesome. And the little boy...adorable. So of course last night I had to watch to see if it won Best Picture, which it of course did. And I was happy to see neither Brad Pitt or Angelina won their Best Actor awards. Is that mean? Not a fan.

If you've seen the movie...you know what's going on here. This kid was SO adorable.
"It's a shy one..." Okay so maybe you can take an educated guess now.


Connor has this little light up/music table that he likes to play with. The other day Bryan and I just watched him for a few minutes. He'd step on, step off, step on, lift one leg. Step off. Back on, lift other leg. It was pretty amusing...maybe you had to be there :)


the end

I had to.

Ok, no, I didn't have to. But I did. The official last bottle of breastmilk. 02.15.09. Daycare's supply lasted a little longer, so this isn't technically the end of it, but close enough.

I doubt they took a picture of it.

many faces

These are a few days old, but starting to get caught up here on the blog. A few new faces from the Schmozer.


ball fun

We got this game for Connor I think for Christmas, or he received it as a gift, I can't remember. But he hasn't had too much interest in it until just recently. He's really good about putting the balls back on the track or in the hole and is very intrigued by the 'wind' that blows out of the hole.

Tonight WAY past Connor's bed time I find him and Bryan in the living room playing with it and oh my gosh, it was adorable. He was laughing his head off. The video below was the first one I shot, there were a bunch more after, but this one was probably the best. (so at the end (yes, I'm spoiling the end) when he falls backwards and crashes into a truck...it was funny, he laughed, and got right back up again for more ball game fun). And, he also knows how to operate the game too, which I thought was cool.


PS. I am SO behind on blogging, sorry, but I couldn't resist posting this video right away. Lots to catch up on, this week, I promise!

PSS. Connor is feeling MUCH better (as you can tell in the video) and is on antibiotics for the next few days yet.


double ear infection

Well, got ANOTHER call from daycare today. Didn't have a real high fever, but just wasn't himself. Didn't want to be put down, only slept for 20 minutes, uncomfortable. So, I was just going to pick him up and bring him home and cuddle...until I picked him up. My heart broke when I saw him. Just so sad looking :( So I took him right away to urgent care, turns out he has a double ear infection. So, we're on antibiotics and motrin :) He was a 100% happier this afternoon/evening, was so nice to have our boy back! So, he just went down and hopefully he has a good night and sleeps well so he can go play with his friends at school tomorrow!

PS...there have been MANY times lately that we are SURE he's about to take a few steps, just hasn't quite got it yet, but he's close.


still sick

We thought Connor was doing better this morning, didn't have a fever, still coughing, but was in pretty good spirits and he had slept great...but, got the call from daycare a little before noon that he had a fever of nearly 102 and had to go home. So I went and got him and he's done great at home so far. He was boycotting a nap so I finally just put him in his car seat in front of the TV (I know, I know) and I expect he'll be asleep shortly. We love motrin :)


cough cough...sneeze...cough...

This is what we've (Connor) done since probably Friday night or so. I feel so bad for the guy. His coughing attackes sometimes seem to last for minutes, which, doesn't seem for very long, but, it is. And it wakes him up throughout the night, all night. I decided to stay home with him this morning, wasn't planning on it, but while I was getting ready he just laid down on the bathroom floor and when I picked him up, he just snuggled right in and closed his eyes. Not that our daycare isn't great, but it's not realistic that they snuggle with him all day. So, here we are. He finally is getting a little pep in his step, but up until now we've speng some quality time in the chair together. Just snuggling. (the ONE good thing about him being sick, I love cuddle time). Bryan is coming home around noon so I can head into work. It looks amazing outside, no idea the temp, but it looks great. but unfortunately I shouldn't take him outside.

So, we'll just chill til Dad gets here, then it's dad's turn to snuggle. (and we'll hope that since I've changed 5 dirty diapers this morning already...that Bryan will luck out on that)

Oh, and a formula update. Yesterday Connor SCREAMED out in pain when he was having a BM. Poor guy! I should have probably mixed the breastmilk and formula for longer than 3 days, so the transition is a little hard on him. We switched to a 'gentle' formula, hoping that helps (but now his diapers this morning have been fairly loose...so maybe he doesn't need it...geez)

Plus, he's teething, hard core. Hasn't drooled this much since he was 3 months old. What else can go wrong for this little man? Oh, has a fever too. Okay, I think that's it. Happy Monday.


thanks Bernie :)

Just wanted to say thanks for the package...Connor was smiling RIGHT before I took the picture...PROMISE. :)


new truck!

The Valentine's Day Fairy (cupid I guess?) stopped by the other day and we were suprised with a GIANT new dump truck! Connor wasn't quite sure what to think about it at first (as it's basically larger than him) but once Bryan started giving him rides in it, he can't get enough. Now, it's not like he has this huge smile on his face...one would think that maybe he doesn't like it...but, try to take him out at the end of a few rides. He doesn't go voluntarily. So cute.

birthday celebrations

This past Sunday we went out to my parents to celebrate our birthdays...mine on the 4th and my brother Joe's was that day, the 8th. It was a great time, and great food :) Here are a few pictures from the day, sorry nothing amazing, still figuring out my camera.



No. Get your mind out of the gutter. F is for Formula.
I gave daycare 6 bags of milk, and kept 3 for me at home. That's all we have left.
Daycare is going to start mixing formula with his milk.
I don't even know how to do formula. Or what brand to buy.
Oh well, I'm sure I'll quickly learn. And, I pumped for WAY longer than I ever thought I would. And it got him to 10 months. Can't complain about that really. 2 months of formula, we can handle that.


10 months!

Connor is ten months today! MAN has the time flown by. No pictures, sorry, but soon. I need to start practicing with my new camera! But he has crashed the past two nights at 7:30...not much time for a photo session.

Things he's up to now:
-stands by himself for tiny moments of time. Mostly by accident, but still.
-is a master of the stairs. Up anyways.
-Still kind of stuck on the 'ba-ba' syllable, but occasionally a dah-dah
-not really eating the best for me lately, but LOVES puffs, graham crackers, other crackers and buns. Hmm, wonder where he gets his love of carbs from. He also gets really mad if you eat in front of him and don't let him eat what you're eating. Picky little devil.
-is a shrimp. I haven't bought new clothes for him in MONTHS. Which, is great for the checkbook, but no fun! he wore the shirt that he wore in our church photo when he was 6 months the other day and it was loose. We've vetoed quarterback and a slam dunker...going more for running back and shooting guard...not that we're planning :)
-sleeping great. Still gets up a few times in the middle of the night, but talks himself right back to sleep
-loves his nuk (and unfortunately we kind of use it so that he doesn't put other things in his mouth, example our cell phones)
-loves the day care ladies. I barely get a goodbye, he basically just pushes my hand away in the mornings...but he's still really exicted to see me when I pick him up!
-starting to immitate real activities...phone by the ear, ball in the hoop, etc. Okay, so maybe he's accidentally done these things a few times ;)
-Still obsessed with doors, however as he gets stronger, he's closing them all the time, and then gets mad
-Could watch Bryan work for hours (cleaning the driveway, cleaning the garage, washing cars)
-is really starting to become attached to a blankie! I'm so excited about this one. Except it's a SUPER thick one (thanks Mary L.!) and might be a little hot in summer? Oh well.
-pulls his socks off all the time (thatt'a boy...I hate socks too)
-I think needs a hair cut. I just can't bring myself to do it or have it done!
-has definitely figured out the 'if I drop this off the edge of my highchair mommy always picks it up' game. I've started not picking them up however.
-is a real pain in the butt to change diapers and/or get dressed. HATES sitting still. Might have to get a little stricter...
-has 4 teeth with two more coming I'm pretty sure
-is down to a very, very limited supply of milk :( (like, less than 10 bags)
-still the most adorable little boy in the whole wide world (thru our eyes of course)

That's all for now I think.
Have a great night!


go big or go home

Well, that was my motto when purchasing a new camera this past Saturday. In no way am I aspiring to be an amateur photographer...not even close. I just wanted better pictures, and I got it into my head that in order to take, crisp, clean pictures, I needed to get a digital SLR. So, I researched, along with the amazing help from my aunt Mary (who takes all of our photos) and my uncle Bobby, I was debating between the Canon XSi and the Nikon D60. Both great cameras. But, I wasn't sure I was ready to start looking thru a viewfinder anytime soon. So, instead of looking thru a 2.5 inch LCD screen to take the picture...I'd have to bring the camera to my eye and look thru the viewfinder. Again, that would make me feel like a wannabe photographer...which, again, I am not. Nor do I want to be. (I have Mary :)) Okay, as if you wanted to know all this, but I'm almost done.

Then I found the Sony Digital SLR. It had a viewfinder...AND an LCD screen that you can look through to take the picture. TWO options :) Perfect. Sold. Sign me up. So, let the adventure begin with learning all about my new digital SLR...

saturday fun

Saturday, Mom, Connor and I went to visit my Grandma in the cities for the day. We had a great visit with Grandma, and even got to see Uncle Bernie! What a treat ;)

With Uncle Bernie. He again made sure I didn't post it on the blog. Ha, don't let me take your picture then Bernie :)

Connor was a great help when we were cleaning Grandma's house. We should have attached the dusters to his knees before starting, we had no idea he'd be such a great little helper!

(I also took the plunge and bought a digital SLR...more on that later)


new smile

Connor seems to have a new smily lately...it's adorable. It's like he's smiling with his whole face, eyes get squinty and everything. Almost like he's doing a fake smile a little over the top, but I can't imagine he knows how to fake smile yet.

But, the picture below was snapped a tiny bit too early. Someday soon I'll try and capture it.



Cupboards, drawers, doors and dishwashers. The loves of Connor's life. The other night he figured out how to climb up onto the drawer. Getting down was another story. Hopefully this means he'll LOVE helping me with the dishes later in life :)

Yes, these pj's in particual cause a few problems with keeping the feet in the actual 'footie' part. Maybe because I think my mom picked them up at a grocery store :)


Super Bowl Party

We hosted the Super Bowl party this past Sunday and it was a blast. I think the final count was somewhere around 38 people? Granted...I swear almost ten of those people came packaged in car seats :) But so amazing all the kids we have in the group! So fun. A few random shots that Bryan collected from the evening.

Kind of like where's waldo...where's the newborn.

I see both newborns in this pic...

just one...

Connor doesn't count. He's like a little man.

1 newborn and 1 5 month old

newborn. I love babies :)


thank you

just wanted to say thanks for all the birthday emails, texts, phone calls and IM's. Birthday's aren't anything 'SUPER AMAZING' really these days, just getting closer and closer to 30...yet it was still a great day. Bryan took me to a movie Monday night (yet I paid with my NFL playoff winnings??!?) so that was fun, this morning I woke up to 3 cards, one adorable one from Connor telling me how I'm such an amazing mother (ha, but it was sweet), and amazing gift card to Aveda (whoo hoo!) and then a super nice card from Bryan...and it said lots of really nice things. I actually got teary eyed.

Then there was a GREAT goodie day at work waiting for me when I got there, streamers and balloons all over my cube, hung out with Bryan and Connor over lunch, won 3-0 at volleyball tonight and had a few celebratory drinks afterwards. All in all, a pretty good day.

So, thank you all. I have a request for baby pictures...I need to get some from my mom (Mom, please email me some baby pictures). They'll more likely show up in a post about who Connor looks the most like...me or Bryan.

Thanks again and have a great night yourself!

scrapping with sarah

just wanted to share the visual proof of our madness...but the work that comes out of this, so worth it :)

And...ironically...it looks a lot like her car. On a normal basis. See Bryan...it could be worse :)



Connor has been sick lately, it's so sad. Over the weekend while I scrapped at Heidi's, Connor was basically up and down with a fever, boycotting the bottle, wanting the bottle, etc. The fevers seem to have gotten better, but this morning he just seemed out of it. Didn't even really want to move. Daycare said he had a pretty good day, and seemed pretty good with me tonight, didn't eat as much as normal, food or bottle, and ever since I've laid him down around 8 or so, he's been crying/moaning/talking/whining/singing almost every 20 minutes or so. Does it for like 5 minutes and then he's sleeping again. Started it right now even, and is done after a minute. I just wish I knew what was wrong!! I think if he's not 'normal' tomorrow morning I might just bring him in. I just would feel awful if there is something wrong and we're not treating it. So sad :( Wish he could tell me what's wrong.

fun in the cupboard

the other night (okay, I'm so behind, it was actually the 17th of January) we busted Connor for getting a little too into the cupboards :)

Notice he's standing in the roll out drawer.