Connor has been sick lately, it's so sad. Over the weekend while I scrapped at Heidi's, Connor was basically up and down with a fever, boycotting the bottle, wanting the bottle, etc. The fevers seem to have gotten better, but this morning he just seemed out of it. Didn't even really want to move. Daycare said he had a pretty good day, and seemed pretty good with me tonight, didn't eat as much as normal, food or bottle, and ever since I've laid him down around 8 or so, he's been crying/moaning/talking/whining/singing almost every 20 minutes or so. Does it for like 5 minutes and then he's sleeping again. Started it right now even, and is done after a minute. I just wish I knew what was wrong!! I think if he's not 'normal' tomorrow morning I might just bring him in. I just would feel awful if there is something wrong and we're not treating it. So sad :( Wish he could tell me what's wrong.

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