cough cough...sneeze...cough...

This is what we've (Connor) done since probably Friday night or so. I feel so bad for the guy. His coughing attackes sometimes seem to last for minutes, which, doesn't seem for very long, but, it is. And it wakes him up throughout the night, all night. I decided to stay home with him this morning, wasn't planning on it, but while I was getting ready he just laid down on the bathroom floor and when I picked him up, he just snuggled right in and closed his eyes. Not that our daycare isn't great, but it's not realistic that they snuggle with him all day. So, here we are. He finally is getting a little pep in his step, but up until now we've speng some quality time in the chair together. Just snuggling. (the ONE good thing about him being sick, I love cuddle time). Bryan is coming home around noon so I can head into work. It looks amazing outside, no idea the temp, but it looks great. but unfortunately I shouldn't take him outside.

So, we'll just chill til Dad gets here, then it's dad's turn to snuggle. (and we'll hope that since I've changed 5 dirty diapers this morning already...that Bryan will luck out on that)

Oh, and a formula update. Yesterday Connor SCREAMED out in pain when he was having a BM. Poor guy! I should have probably mixed the breastmilk and formula for longer than 3 days, so the transition is a little hard on him. We switched to a 'gentle' formula, hoping that helps (but now his diapers this morning have been fairly loose...so maybe he doesn't need it...geez)

Plus, he's teething, hard core. Hasn't drooled this much since he was 3 months old. What else can go wrong for this little man? Oh, has a fever too. Okay, I think that's it. Happy Monday.

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