10 months!

Connor is ten months today! MAN has the time flown by. No pictures, sorry, but soon. I need to start practicing with my new camera! But he has crashed the past two nights at 7:30...not much time for a photo session.

Things he's up to now:
-stands by himself for tiny moments of time. Mostly by accident, but still.
-is a master of the stairs. Up anyways.
-Still kind of stuck on the 'ba-ba' syllable, but occasionally a dah-dah
-not really eating the best for me lately, but LOVES puffs, graham crackers, other crackers and buns. Hmm, wonder where he gets his love of carbs from. He also gets really mad if you eat in front of him and don't let him eat what you're eating. Picky little devil.
-is a shrimp. I haven't bought new clothes for him in MONTHS. Which, is great for the checkbook, but no fun! he wore the shirt that he wore in our church photo when he was 6 months the other day and it was loose. We've vetoed quarterback and a slam dunker...going more for running back and shooting guard...not that we're planning :)
-sleeping great. Still gets up a few times in the middle of the night, but talks himself right back to sleep
-loves his nuk (and unfortunately we kind of use it so that he doesn't put other things in his mouth, example our cell phones)
-loves the day care ladies. I barely get a goodbye, he basically just pushes my hand away in the mornings...but he's still really exicted to see me when I pick him up!
-starting to immitate real activities...phone by the ear, ball in the hoop, etc. Okay, so maybe he's accidentally done these things a few times ;)
-Still obsessed with doors, however as he gets stronger, he's closing them all the time, and then gets mad
-Could watch Bryan work for hours (cleaning the driveway, cleaning the garage, washing cars)
-is really starting to become attached to a blankie! I'm so excited about this one. Except it's a SUPER thick one (thanks Mary L.!) and might be a little hot in summer? Oh well.
-pulls his socks off all the time (thatt'a boy...I hate socks too)
-I think needs a hair cut. I just can't bring myself to do it or have it done!
-has definitely figured out the 'if I drop this off the edge of my highchair mommy always picks it up' game. I've started not picking them up however.
-is a real pain in the butt to change diapers and/or get dressed. HATES sitting still. Might have to get a little stricter...
-has 4 teeth with two more coming I'm pretty sure
-is down to a very, very limited supply of milk :( (like, less than 10 bags)
-still the most adorable little boy in the whole wide world (thru our eyes of course)

That's all for now I think.
Have a great night!

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