connor's new scooter

I will admit it was a little strange this year not having a party on or around Connor's actual birthday, since we split the difference between his and Grayson's with the joint party. We still wanted to make it special, as I mentioned in a previous post, by having lunch with him at school, having him wake up to a room full of balloons (I had good intentions, anyways), letting him choose where to eat for supper, etc. In hindsight...I want to make his actual birthday more special next year. Take the day off or work, let him choose what he wants to do and where he wants to go. Although, it's very possible that would mean staying home and playing outside with his neighbor friends :)

Anyhoo...we did give him a new scooter on his birthday. One of his neighbor friends has one like this and his little 'toddler' version of a scooter  (ie safer, three wheels, etc., ha) wasn't cutting it. He was SOOOOO excited when he saw this waiting for him in the car when I picked him up. It's been so fun to see how quickly he picks it up, from having to have one foot down at all times to now easily gliding around with both feet standing on the scooter. Not even sure I could do it!

So, anyhoo...not much of a point to this post other than I've been such a horrible blogger lately I figured I should blog something!


jess' baby shower!

Finally getting caught up! On April14th, myself and two other girls hosted a baby shower for our friend, Jess (Zach's wife). It was a fabulous day, we had a great turnout and Jess was showered with lovely gifts for the new baby on the way!

Of course there was a Pear Tree Greetings invitation involved. Instead of choosing a traditional baby shower invitation design, we chose a wedding invitation and re-worded the text to be baby shower appropriate. Jess' nursery colors are yellow and gray, so that, along with stripes, became the theme.

What baby shower wouldn't be complete without a diaper cake? So easy to make and makes a great centerpiece.

We picked up some paper pom and lantern kits and then using scrapbook paper and leftover invitations and gift tags, I sewed (yes, sewed!) paper garland to add a little something to the arrangement. All of this has since been transferred above the crib in Jess' nursery, I'm sure I'll share pictures of that someday as well!

 I made a little bunting banner along with another strand of garland to jazz up the fireplace a bit. The frames from the previous picture as well as the white frame in this picture were actually the prizes for the games. I can't take credit for that idea, that was another one of the host's ideas, loved it! Who can't use another frame?

I enlisted my co-worker, Meigan, again, maker of the super-fabulous-amazing cookies, and she did not disappoint. Used my sauce bottles that I am in love with for some mimosas adorned with little favor tags letting you know if they contained alcohol or not. And boy was that important. I kid you not, of the 20+ people in attendance, I swear 12 were pregnant. I did feel a titch out of place. We had a spread full of delicious food, as well!

 One of the games we played was to taste test baby food and guess the flavor. The guest of honor didn't do so hot...considering ketchup and honey mustard were not correct :) Kudos to my sister-in-law, Krystal, she rocked that game :)
The hosts and guest of honor! I had so much helping plan and host this shower with these two lovely (and pregnant) ladies! 

top: jayme, ashley, me
bottom: jayme, jess, ashley, me

Can't wait to meet baby Otto!


i am alive.


I feel like this has been my longest blogging hiatus in a LONG time, but, it's only been 11 days, and as much as I think you're all at the edge of your seats waiting for the next post...I'm sure you've survived.

But, coming soon (hopefully starting today).

A baby shower I hosted with some wonderful girls for a wonderful friend.

Some random pictures of Connor I took on his actual birthday.

A quick peek at one of my favorite photos I've taken lately as 'Christy Bode Photography'. Love it.

A recap of my 2nd half marathon. Which ties nicely into this post's title. I'm still alive. Ha.


happy easter | 2012

We had a very nice Easter weekend around here and enjoyed our time spent with our immediate families! We went to Nate and Cheryl's for lunch and most of the afternoon and then went back to my house where my parents and Krystal the girls joined us for supper (Joe was sick). Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend as well!

Cheryl organized a little treasure hunt, and Connor loves a good treasure hunt :)


then they dyed eggs which I enjoyed as well.
you've got to love that special crayon :)

 Shocker. I attempted chevron.

pardon the mess that is his face. consumption of candy was at an all time high.

 he loved mixing the colors, and by that I mean essentially combining ALL colors into one

happy belated Easter!

(no pictures from the evening at our house unfortunately, but lots of fun had by the kiddos!)


more on Connor turning 4

Connor turned four today (sorry, old news if you saw my earlier post) and he had a great day! As I mentioned earlier, he busted me trying to fill his room with balloons before he woke up, but he still thought it was cool :) Bryan came home in the morning (he's out the door by 6 at the latest everyday) before we went to school so that was a special treat, Bryan and I met him for lunch at school, he got a new scooter from us after school, got to play all night with his neighbor friends and they celebrated with us by eating his monster cake! Whew. I feel a little guilty that it wasn't SUPER extravagant, I did offer to take him to a movie, but helping Bryan mow the lawn and trying out his new scooter were apparently more exciting. And, he did have a pretty fun birthday party already I suppose :)

So, a few pictures, no 'studio quality'...maybe this weekend I'll snag a few!

pretty excited about his special plate and napkin at school!

 We love you to the moon and back, buddy!

Happy 4th, Connor!

More to come, but just a quick "Happy Birthday" to our amazing Connor! He was supposed to wake up to a room full of balloons and a door made of streamers....but he woke up half way thru the process, ha. Thankfully he still thought it was awesome :)