In early November, Bryan and I, along with many of his family members, flew down to Jamaica for his cousin's wedding. I have VERY little (like only one, actually) photos from the trip OTHER than Claire's wedding, where I essentially was second shot to the Sandals photographer. It was a perfect trip, Bryan and I stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay and it was fantastic, the wedding was over at Sandals, Claire was breathtakingly beautiful (Seth, you looked great, too) and it was all just perfect. We missed the boys like crazy, but they were in great hands at my parents!

my one picture not from wedding day...the view from our balcony. Jamaica was beautiful!

A sneak from the wedding day, I just love this photo!


Halloween 2012: Superhero Style

Connor decided what he and Grayson would be this year, and to no one's surprise, he chose Spiderman and Superman. He really wanted Grayson to be the hulk, but the costume didn't come in toddler sizing. I was nervous Grayson wouldn't keep the cape on, but he did, and I loved it! I do recall way back, probably prior to having kids or maybe when Connor was a baby, that I used to say I would not cave to light up shoes or character type clothing or costumes. Silly, silly, silly me. And note to anyone else who still wants to avoid light up shoes, absolutely do not let your child come with shoe shopping :)

Back to Halloween. Sorry for the crappy pics! Love my little heroes!

at their school's party


Unfortunately, no pictures from Halloween night, but as tradition goes, my mom and dad, Krystal and the girls came over for trick-or-treating!



Jack McGowan's Farm

Back in October, Connor's daycare class went on a field trip and I volunteered to go along as a parent chaperone. It's so fun to see your child interact with friends, their teachers, and just explore a new place! I actually have a lot more photos, but not sure parents want me posting their child's photos on my blog :) (and hoping Angie doesn't have a problem with it, ha)

My 'shy' kid surprises me sometimes (and I love it)! He volunteered to go up with a few of his buddies with this cowboy dude...

pretty cool!

then the cowboy got on his horse and climbed up onto the trailer. The kids were impressed :)

captain jack sparrow was there....


home sick

Grayson was home sick sometime in October, but clearly perked up when it was time for Dad to come home!

playing peek-a-boo behind my curtain
(just a reminder...photos featured here on this blog are not edited, and may never be edited :))

tired from peek-a-boo and just not himself


future chore masters

A little stop out at my friend Anne's one day!

Pretty good form I'd say....

not so great form. ha.


harvest 2012

Harvest, although a crazy time of year for my brother and his family, provides fun evening trips for our boys to go see the combine and of course, get some rides. Connor willingly will ride alone with Joe or even Bill, who drives the grain cart. Seems silly, you might think, but, a big deal for this somewhat shy kid :) Grayson, not a chance, but I don't mind taking riding along for a few rounds either!

semi-fascinated with the cobs (maybe there's a more technical name for this, after it's gone through the combine?), or just really wanted to see if it was edible.

My view from inside the combine.

Big thanks to Uncle Joe for ALWAYS letting the boys go on rides!


first day of school (again)

I actually did manage to blog about the first day of school here, but below are a few more pictures. I fear I might have just set myself up for 'annual first day of school photos on the BODE bench'....sigh. Maybe we'll get creative and put the bench in random spots each year to spice it up, ha. (don't get your hopes up, just be glad if it ever gets blogged!)

I don't recall why Grayson appears he got hit by a truck. Sorry. 

so tired


I see this on other friends' facebook feeds or blogs, and then, it finally happened to us :) Grayson fell asleep while eating. If you know this kid, you'll realize that's hard to believe. He loves to eat!

"mom, take my picture by him!"