ready to potty train.

Okay, so I'm kidding. But when I picked up Connor from daycare today, one of the ladies told me that for one of his naps, she changed him, put him down, checked on him a few minutes later and finds him sitting up in the corner of his crib, pants off, and a dirty diaper. So ready :)



Sorry, for how much I get mad when my friends don't update their blogs, here I am at a week old status. Sorry. Some random updates, and sorry I don't have any pictures.

1. I don't even think I posted about my scrap weekend with Sarah. It was great to see her, scrap, and hang out. However, we didn't get nearly as much done as we had hoped, but, oh well. We are vowing to get together about 3-4 times a year at least. I think I have a picture of our mess, I'll post some day.
2. This past weekend my girls from college and their men came over/down. It was SO fun to hang out, even tho we had a terrible experience at the WOW Zone and then also Christy's Cafe (I know, how can you go wrong with a name like that...and they even spelled it right!). Both places have great potential...and to the cafe's credit, they had a cook call in sick. WOW just needs to figure some things out yet. (ie...half of our table got our food 35 minutes before the other food came. That's just wrong. But, they were very apologetic and we got half off)
3. Connor has a bad cough and I have no idea if and when I should take him in. However, his runny nose has dramatically improved the last two days, so maybe we're getting through it.
4. January is almost over. Crazy.
5. Going to Heidi's this weekend to scrap, so excited!
6. FINALLY have my office furniture/shelving assembled and installed...almost. It's not worthy of a picture yet, but soon!
7. Still debating if I should upgrade to a Digital SLR or not. A new camera is coming, Bryan's company is buying our current one...so...replace with a new point and shoot...or go big...literally.
8. Our treadmill is finally fixed. So, if I would start going to bed at a decent time, I'll start getting up in the mornings.
9. I cut over 6" off of my hair. And I actually wore it down today, all day. Don't get me wrong, I still hate my curly hair, but, it was liveable. It'll be up tomorrow.
10. I have a goal of losing 20 lbs by our friends wedding in Mid March. I debating posting this, but, now that I've announced it to you all...maybe that will help me stick to it. Then another goal before my friend Anne's wedding in May. She's making us wear t-length dresses..and I hate my legs. Even if I was 50 lbs lighter I think I'd still hate my legs. But Anne, I love the dress, don't get me wrong :) Ha.
11. My friend Angie was looking into her blog stats, which prompted me to look into mine. Pretty interesting. Over 35,000 visits last year. (so if you looked at the blog twice today, that counts as 2). Some of the search terms that bring people to our blog are hilarious. I was in need of a good laugh this evening.
12. Down to less than 60 bags of milk in the freezer.
13. Connor is getting a front tooth. I can see the white poking through. Maybe he'll figure out this chewing thing and stop freaking us out when he starts choking. The little turd.
14. My mom nicknamed Connor 'Schmo' a long time ago, and man has it stuck. Schmozer. Schmoligan. Schmo-man. I know. He'll love us if this sticks around.
15. I totally forgot to blog that Connor got bit AGAIN. This time on the side of his head. And it kind of scratched the surface. Geez. Kid needs to learn how to defend himself. Or, we'll send him to daycare with a helmet.
16. Work is work. I have work to get up for in the morning, which, I am grateful for.
17. My car is making a weird noise.
18. I'm getting desperate just to make this list to 20.
19. It's way past my bedtime and I've been reading a lot at night and have a hard time putting down the book, so I'll probably be up reading tonight til 12. Stupid.
20. Made it. I'm leaving work early on Friday for the weekend. Did I mention I'm excited? And a short day. Awesome. Should probably officialy request this from my boss... :)

have a great night!

you know it's bad when...

you see a co-worker (not of my actual company, but our parent company) randomly during lunch and he asks "oh, do you still have a job"? This just all sucks.



Sorry, finally getting around to posting pictures of Connor's new little girl friends. SO adorable! And SO makes you appreciate a baby that doesn't move...and pull all the toilet paper off of the roll!

baby danica...and proup papa, Grant, below.

baby payten...and proud papa, Trav, below.



We knew Connor could do steps, figured it out a few weeks ago maybe, but the other night when I came back down from doing laundry or something, Bryan tells me that he made it to the landing all by himself. I was shocked. So, I taped it.

Then, today, Bryan and I were both pre-occupied with something (obviously not parenting) and we start looking for him, he is TWO steps from the TOP of the stairway. Not the landing, all the way up to the top of the stairs. I know. BAD parents. I guarantee he would have made it to the top, realized, hey, mom and dad are downstairs, and that wouldn't have been good. Guess I need to invest in gates.

9 month appointment

We had our 9 month appointment with Dr. Smentek last Wednesday. All is well! I think the only thing I had to mark No for was holding something in each hand, which, he did today. Oh well. Here are his stats:

Height: 28" (43 percentile)
Weight: 20 lbs 7 oz (50 percentile)
Head: 18 1/4" (80 percentile)

Short, not really fat, but, big head. :)

She also said that we should really wait to introduce cow's milk until a year, but also mentioned that there really is no 'magic' date...so 11, 11.5 months if we wanted to try it (aka out of breast milk) we could if we wanted to. Well, she said something along those lines :) Ok, so she didn't tell us ABSOLUTELY NOT. So...as we are down to 90 bags of milk...hopefully that gets us to 11 months then I won't feel bad about trying.

All is well!


2, 3, -20, 2, 3

2 - the number of baby girls born by friends today! Welcome Danica Ann Poehler and Paetyn (I know I spelled this wrong) Jean Otto! We are SO excited to meet these little girls! Kind of gives a girl the baby itch. HA. That was funny.
3 - the number of teeth Connor has! I discovered he has one way on the side, apparently he is skipping right over the two front teeth. Maybe next Christmas :)
-20 - the temp in my car on the way to work (speaking of my car, it didn't start this morning. weird)
2 - the number of minutes Connor cried tonight when putting him in his crib. Yeah!! Last night I was up for an hour with him from 4-5, Bryan came home at 4 from plowing so I think he probably heard him and thought maybe it was time to get up. So, we'll see how tonight goes. You'd think I'd be getting SO much more sleep. But I'm not. Not sure what my deal is but I toss and turn and can't sleep very well, not sure what's up, but it's annoying.
3 - number of days before my friend Sarah comes down for the weekend to scrapbook!

obsessed with doors

Connor has a thing for doors. He races towards them all the time, no matter what room you're in. And, it's like they come out of no where. He'll be playing or preoccupied with something else, then all of a sudden notices there is a door in the room! Last night I was in the pantry getting something and he came behind and starting shutting the door on me, capturing me in the pantry (I guess, not a bad place to be kept captive...ha). Forgive the hard landing near the end of the video...he didn't seem to mind :)

PJ Day

Last Friday was pajama day at daycare. So cute. Sorry I didn't take the time to remove the red eye.

I love when he sits like this.


1 minute

Maybe even less! That's the amount of time Connor cried tonight when I put him in his crib. Yeah!! He didn't sleep very well at daycare today, had a little trouble with his lunch (threw up a little, but we think because it was too chunky, seems fine in every other way) and yeah. He was a tired boy. But SO fun tonight, I had him laughing and giggling like I never have before. Tried to capture it on video...just have to try and make a few edits first :) (like removing me from the video...)

Also, funny story from last night, since our policy is to not go in when he's crying, and after 29 minutes last night he was out, this morning when I pick him up his ENTIRE head was CRUSTY. I look down and he must have spit up his ENTIRE supper (I believe it was rice, puffs and chicken noodle dinner) in his crib. Needless to say it was on EVERYTHING...and obviously his head. So, we had an out of ordinary bath before daycare today. I had to laugh. I tried to get him to feel his hair but he didn't really get it. Too funny. (sorry if you think this was cruel)

Hope you had a good Monday (as good as Monday's can get!)


9 months in review.

So, I'm procrastinating going to bed. I have not been nearly as dedicated (or at all really) as my sister-in-law Krystal in taking a consistent 'month' photo of Connor. There goes one of those 12 month photo frame things for his first year...oh well. So here's my attempt. And, it doesn't really do much since there isn't a consistent background like a car seat. Dang you Krystal :)

Day one, first bath, first mohawk (sorry for the 'fresh' picture :))

Chillin in the bath at one month.

2 months...sorry for the lack of a decent photo around this time.

3 months and welcoming cousin Ashlyn. Funny looking back, I'm sure I thought he was SO cute...and now he just looks...well...bald with a big head.

4 months

5 months, sorry for the same outfit two months in a row.

6 months.

7 months.

8 months.

9 months.


So, my phone died, as I mentioned. Then my friend Andrea responds to my email for phone numbers saying that her phone, which happened to be the SAME model as mine, died last night also! Kind of ticks me off, actually. Give me like a week warning so I can take my phone numbers out AND give me a credit for a new phone if you're no longer supporting it. Hate cell phone companies.

29 minutes seems to be Connor's magic number that he cries, then falls asleep. Last night we didn't hear a peep from his room from 9:30 to 7 this morning. Whoo hoo!

In the market for a new camera and I'm taking the plunge to a digital SLR. Except...I know NOTHING about lenses and that seems to be the kicker with these. Getting pretty excited tho, hoping to make the purchase in the next few days! Found a great deal (or so I think) on ebay.

Office status...getting there. Need a few things from IKEA yet to get it all put away, but the room is definitely getting cleaner :)

Last week was long, the weekend was short. But, my friend Sarah is coming down this coming weekend to scrap so I am SO excited! Hopefully the week goes fast.

Let's see. What else for my random Sunday night post. I'm out. Have a great week.

my phone died :(

Well, my phone died. The charge no longer charged, putting a fully charged battery in the phone doesn't even allow it to turn on. Stupid thing. So of course, I lost all of my numbers :(

If you would be so kind...comment on this post or email me your phone number so I have it again! thanks!!


29 minutes

Fast asleep after 29 minutes. We'll see how long it lasts :) (we still don't go in during the middle of the night, just letting him figure it out on his own)

9 month pics

Here are just a few of our faves!

such a little man. just need to edit out the ends of the bench.

so he was beginning to slouch a little, but mom was singing some nursery rhyme and he was thinking she was pretty funny

at the end of the yellow bucket prop. was definitely ready to come out.

can, ah, anyone tell me how to get to the weight room?

one of my favorites

and possibly my favorite. I'm calling it the 'praying mantis'. Doesn't it look like he's in the middle of a karate 'hi-ya!' too funny.

9 months

Connor is 9 months today. Randomly yesterday afternoon I asked the manager of our photo studio at work if he was by chance going to be in town today and by chance would have some spare time...turns out he kind of did :) So, we were able to do a little photo shoot and we are SO happy with the pictures! I'll post the unedited versions of a few of the ones we liked. I have so much playing to do with them :)

Things Connor is up to now:
-Pulling everything out of the cupboards and drawers
-Walking along things (fireplace, island, table in the living room), I think we're a ways from walking on his own tho
-Still only has 2 teeth, but he's drooling pretty heavily again so I'm thinking maybe more are coming
-LOVES to eat whatever mom and dad are eating. Gets REALLY mad if you don't let him have a taste.
-Getting sleep trained :( We're going on day 5 or 6 of letting him cry. It sucks, but, it seems to be getter better every night...as I type this he's screaming in his crib...but it's only been 10 minutes :( I hate it.
-still no words, but new sounds all the time
-is great at self entertaining himself
-still intrigued with opening and closing doors and cupboards
-loves drinking water out of cups, just not too great at it
-still eating Gerber 2nd foods. (3rds are seriously chunky)
-still not a fan of diaper changes and clothing changes (basically being confined to one spot)

There are more things I'm sure I should document, but I'm so tired, and feeling more and more guilty that Connor is crying (been 15 mintues now) and need to post the pictures and maybe make a new blog header.


our first incident :(

Well, Connor got his first 'incident' report at daycare today :(. He got bit. In the back. Geez, way to take a guy out when he can't even see you. Lame. I have not looked at it yet (if there is even anything to see) as I had volleyball tonight. I don't think it broke skin though as the 'care administered' read: TLC - cool rag.

The best part? The description of the incident:

'A friend bit Connor in the back'. Nice. Some friend.

So sad :( We really need to work on our lightning speed reaction time...

Hopefully you all have good weekends planned. Laundry, organizing and cleaning are on my list. Fun fun.


birds on our bird feeder!

I got a bird feeder for Christmas, which, is really exciting (honest!). Ever since I put it up I've been anxiously awaiting birds..and the other day I captured one on camera! A little woodpecker (I think? Guess I need a bird book now!)


930 to 630!

Connor slept thru the night!! Not a PEEP! (well, the monitor was turned off and I have bad hearing..ha)

I think the ticket might be that he did take a 25 minute nap or so after work, and then we didn't try to put him down until 830 or 9 or so.

Obviously, I'm not expecting the same routine tonight (impossible to get him down for a nap after work unless I drive somewhere or go somewhere), but it sure was nice :)

Happy Tuesday.

New Year's Eve

We laid low New Year's eve, we were kind of exhausted, Connor doesn't sleep at all if ther eis too much activity going on, so yeah, we just stayed home. Aaron and Jess came over to celebrate with us :) Bryan fell asleep on the couch around 7, woke up for a little comeback around 9 or so, but wasn't really into watching Aaron play Cabela's Dangerous Hunt 2009 on the Wii...Jess and I on the otherhand, wouldn't let him stop :) (Really, we just HAD to know what exotic animal was next :)) Sad. I know. Anyways, a few videos from the night.

These cupboards are NO big deal, dad. I don't need your help.

Hey, it was a holiday, right? Little ice cream can't kill a little man...taking it away was almost as bad as the beef stick...



totally random.

Kacie and Connor. (um, no, I don't think Connor was ready for the camera)

Angie's 'poof' (and her adorable new haircut..so jealous)

Look Sarah. He MISSES YOU!


office furniture!

We finally got some furniture/storage for the office/scrapbook room! I've been wanting it ever since we moved in, maybe even before, and finally we did it. Mom, Connor and I went to Ikea on Sunday after visiting my Grandma and got it all figured out. The room is a mess right now as I slowly take the time to organize it...not just put crap in the cubbies. I'll post pictures of the room once it's fully complete, organized and decorated. That's my goal this upcoming weekend.

Today I played in vball tourney in New Ulm, we lost out in the 2nd round of playoffs, but it was still fun and lots of ball.

Then this afternoon my parents and Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn came over to watch the game.
It's the first full week of work in two weeks. Not incredibly excited to go back, but a consistent schedule will probably be good for all of us.

And if you haven't heard, we're attempting to 'sleep train' Connor. Not going so well. He cried for an hour tonight, then I went up there, put the nuk in, he laid down, but just stared at me. As soon as I got 3 feet from the crib, he cried. So, I left. 20 minutes later we brought him down here. We're definitely training him to keep crying since we continue to go get him.

The first part. We bought an even amount of baskets, drawers and doors that all fit into the cubbies, and then also some to be left open. It'll make more sense once I'm done with it.

Connor was a big help during assembly :)

our little stud

Just a shot before daycare/school/work the other day. I love his little man clothes. And, yes, it appears there is no need for us to be rolling his jeans, but if you could see him standing you'd see they're just right :)

Extended Bode Christmas

Last Sunday (the 28th, I know, I'm behind) we celebrated our 4th and final Christmas with Bryan's family. As expected...we had a great time. We even got ALMOST everyone to give the Wii a whirl...I think the only person that didn't do it was Stan. To his credit, he was gone before the other adults gave it a try...but I would bet a lot of money he still wouldn't have tried it. Some day...

Anyways, a few fun pics and videos :)

Aaron teaching Cheryl the ropes

Jac, Jess, Amanda and Aaron playing Tennis

The boys in the card room. Pointless pic kind of. Sorry.

Jac mastering her backhand...

Cheryl at her first attempt...

I do believe it was a stike on the first throw :) Nice work Nate!