Extended Bode Christmas

Last Sunday (the 28th, I know, I'm behind) we celebrated our 4th and final Christmas with Bryan's family. As expected...we had a great time. We even got ALMOST everyone to give the Wii a whirl...I think the only person that didn't do it was Stan. To his credit, he was gone before the other adults gave it a try...but I would bet a lot of money he still wouldn't have tried it. Some day...

Anyways, a few fun pics and videos :)

Aaron teaching Cheryl the ropes

Jac, Jess, Amanda and Aaron playing Tennis

The boys in the card room. Pointless pic kind of. Sorry.

Jac mastering her backhand...

Cheryl at her first attempt...

I do believe it was a stike on the first throw :) Nice work Nate!


Anonymous said...

I think the first ball is a practice ball, huh???


Jackie said...

YES these videos are awesome. And thanks for gettin my big whiff on camera=) ...side note, we still won that match!