random november day


We spent some time cleaning up the yard, took the pumpkins and stuff down to the city drop off area and randomly drove around. A successful Saturday in our books :)

he goes in waves being very obsessed/particular about things. During this time, the Mavericks hat was the ONLY hat he would wear. Fast forward to present day, a black DMI hat. And don't even think about a gray one.

an attempt at a brothers shot. probably won't be the last one I take in their lives like this.



first golf of 2013

Last night we had dinner at the golf club and Connor wanted to play a few holes. Grandpa Tim caught a few shots on his phone. Not sure if he has the 5 year old Tiger beat quite yet, but not too bad :)

boys' birthday photos

Not having done a consistently awesome job in the past of getting good photos at the boys' 'year' mark, I made sure to do it this year. I booked a session with the super talented Jen Meneghin from Jen Meneghin Photography and drove the boys up to the cities for a more urban setting. We had a perfect day, crazy to imagine all the snow we've had since their photo session at the end of March!

We started in her studio and then cruised around outside her building. Loved the area and am in love with so many of the photos from the session. Hence the incredibly long, photo-overload post!


his hulk  imitation

my fave


late Feb/early March birthday celebrations

At the beginning of March we celebrated Nate, Cheryl and Bryan's birthdays down at the WOW Zone in Mankato. Uncle Aaron is an okay bowler (haha) so it's always a fun time! Dean and Julie were able to join us, well and Grayson was there, too, but he was crabby so no pictures of him!


April 23. 2013.

Just in case we forget. It'll be recorded here on this blog on this day.

April 23, 2013. Although the weather reports are teasing us with 70 degrees in just a few days...

Of course we pick this week to prepare for a garage sale...