our little monkey

More good times today! We've been waiting to dig into the bucket of toys that Kate and Miles gave Grayson before surgery, we waited until Grayson was peppy enough to want to do it himself.

So happy about the bucket!

First bag were these fun monkey glasses, he of course wanted to try them on right away.

Next bag, a football!
We saved a handful of the bags until tomorrow...just in case we're here longer than we want to be so we have a few more things to keep us entertained.

Talking to dad! See video below for live action from the call. And the phrase you probably can't understand is 'chocolate milk'

Always has to wear his hats backwards.

 Being silly with dad and the hat.

Still very painful when peeing and pooping, but otherwise, pain seems very under control. They've unhooked the IV (still in his arm, but no longer attached to all the wires), which means we're off of IV pain meds, too. Yahoo! Fingers still crossed that we get to come home tomorrow!

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