mac and cheese!

We're having a good day! About noon the doctor came in and said Grayson was approved for regular diet, we joked with Grayson if he wanted some mac and cheese and he instantly smiled and lit up. Doctor also said there's a good chance we could be going home tomorrow morning (fingers crossed!!), won't get our hopes up too much, he's still on IV pain meds and still is in intense pain when peeing or pooping....but hopefully that will be a little better overnight and in the morning.

Krystal and girls also came up for a visit which also made him smile and get excited. He LOVED the toy they brought them (pretty sure we're going to have one seriously jealous older brother). Thanks Loula girls!

Bryan, Connor, Grandma and Grandpa Bode are coming up tonight so that'll be great, too. Doctor wants Grayson to get up and around so maybe Connor can take him on a wagon ride around the building...supervised, of course.

Again, thanks so much for all your well wishes, really hoping we get to go home tomorrow! (but at least if we don't, hopefully that means for sure Saturday which is plenty of time before the big birthday bash on Sunday).

eating his mac and cheese  

love this one :) 

Krystal said the girls took about 30-45 minutes to pick out the perfect toy (although...may have gotten distracted in the girls section a few times...)

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Erin Wiegratz said...

So glad to know its going well!!! Cheers to hopefully going home tomorrow. Xxoo