a view from the desk of...

me. This was my view today. March 31st. The day we were going to dig the basement. The day last year it was probably 82. Global warming? Right.

I like this picture as my desk looks clean and somewhat neat. I'll probably never share with you a photo of the desk to the left of my monitors...


fun for Andrea

The weekend has come and gone, but it was a good one. As you saw in the previous post, there was some progress on the lot on Saturday, then I went to Andrea's bachelorette party that night, and today, church and breakfast with Anne and Jeremy, watched the basketball games, went for a walk to try and get the baby out (didn't work, and it was cold) and that's about it. Overall, a good weekend.

Turn on the broken record...it is supposed to snow, AGAIN. 6-10 inches tomorrow and through the night. Stupid. If for some reason it doesn't...the plan is to start digging the basement tomorrow morning.

Here are a couple of pictures of the card box I made for Andrea's wedding coming up on the 12th and then a few from her bachelorette party. Fun fun!

The first stop for the party was The Kitchen, one of those make and take cuisine places. We all made meals for the newlyweds...and then Lora and I got a little creative with the directions/ingredients...


moving dirt

Sick of boring pictures of dirt? I thought so...today I have a video for you instead! Ha. Bryan scraped off the black dirt yesterday and then piled it in the back yard for future use. Quite the mound of dirt, and to think we technically haven't even started digging a hole...


who knew SEWER would be so exciting...

Okay so maybe you don't find sewer exciting, and in normal situations I wouldn't either, but today I sure thought it was.

Bryan and Grant dug in the sewer and water lines today from the curb stop to where the utility room will be. Not a fun job for them by any means, and they had a little trouble locating where the the sewer line was. Maybe those of you reading this are experts at this, but this was all new to me. Grant and Bryan I'm sure were sick of me asking, 'so what exactly are you looking to find?' and 'what is that for?'...such good sports they were.

Plan for tomorrow is to put the silt fence (not going to lie I thought this was 'silk' fence ever since I've known Bryan...blame it on the poor hearing) up around the edge of the lot so that any dirt won't run into the ravine, retention pond, etc. The city wasn't too thrilled today that it wasn't there yet. Next step is digging the hole on Monday provided everything goes as planned this weekend.

The first scoop of dirt...it's not exactly a red ribbon cutting ground breaking ceremony...but close enough for me.

Grant trying to watch and make sure Bryan doesn't 'hit it' (sewer pipe).

The finished product. Once they located the sewer, they then dug a trench into the future utility room and laid the sewer and water pipes as they went. Covered the pipes with some rock, filled in the trench and called it done.

Thrilling, I know!


Belly Update

38 weeks and 2 days. SO ready for this to start as well!

Stake out!

Progress!! Bryan and Grant staked out the lot today! They have a minor decision to make yet (moving the entire house closer to the curb or not...not exactly minor I guess), they're both sleeping on it and meeting for breakfast in the morning before Bryan digs in the sewer and water. Below are a few pictures...kind of boring, I know, but, SO exciting that SOMETHING is going on!

Our new neighbor, Dave, told us he's been anxious for us to get going so he has something to look at everyday instead of an empty lot. Him and me both!

View from the curb, Bryan and Grant hard at it.

View from the front left of the lot, you can see how the house will be angled. On the far left side of the picture you can see the lot line, grass vs weeds. Then you can see the two orange stakes in the lower right area of the photo, that's the angle the house will sit on the lot.

View from the right side of the lot, you can barely see the stakes, but just showing how the house will be angled again. Okay, so it's really hard to see in this picture, sorry.

I am standing in almost the farthest point of the back of our lot, looking towards the driveway. With the dip in the lot, we'll be doing a walkout basement.

View from the farthest spot on the back right corner of our lot, looking towards the ravine. House will be on the far left of this photo.

I'm sure it's kind of hard to visualize from the pictures...but we are SO excited to get started!


Not Today.

or tomorrow. According to the doctor. Or probably anytime soon. I am MAAAAAAAAAYYYBE dilated to a 1...and that's exactly how the doctor said it, took him a long time to say 'maybe'. I am now measuring a 32, which is confusing since from what I understand it should be growing, and somewhat match up with how many weeks you are along. Dear God if I have to wait another 8 weeks... On a brighter note, I somehow only managed to gain 1 lb in the last two weeks, and if you've been anywhere near me while eating...this would shock you as well :)

And of course no news on the house. We are slotted to get 4 inches of 'plowable' snow tomorrow. And then three days later, another snow/rain shower. And you guessed it, another 3 days later it's set to rain/snow again. LOVING the 10 day forecast.


can I borrow your shovel?

Getting really sick of all the reasons why we can't dig yet. Today they were going to stake, but no longer. Apparently it's going to snow tomorrow. So I'm sure we won't be digging this week now. Gee, I wonder when the next precipitation-free week will be? Does that ever happen? I'm about ready to go start the hole myself.



Recently received the Christmas pictures from my mom's side of the family, so I thought I'd share. Mostly because I have nothing else of interest to post right now.

Quick update, Bryan and Grant are hoping to stake the lot out tomorrow, then dig Thursday or Friday. Yet, I feel I say this weekly and then the weather ruins the plans. So hopefully it cooperates this week.

Next doctor appointment is this Wednesday morning, we're hoping for an ultrasound to see what position the baby is in, but depends on how busy the doctor is probably.

Other than that, we're just waiting, and getting a little impatient. Oh, and the aunts did the 'pencil' test yesterday at Easter and decided we're having a boy first, then a girl for #2, then we're done apparently. Time will tell I guess.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend :)

The Crew - I think most of us are pictured, including themost adorable Grandma ever :)

The Loula/Bode Clan



3+ inches of wet, sticky snow that doesn't appear to want to melt arrived today. Stupid. It's officially spring, last year around this time we were seeing 80 degree weather. 80! It's probably realistic to think that digging our basement is a good week out yet, need the ground to dry up enough so that Bryan and Grant can at least walk on the lot without sinking into 10 inches of mud in order to stake it out. To even think about getting dump trucks in and out of there is ridiculous.

But on a brigher note, we mailed ourselves a test letter to our new address...and it made it! So exciting.


need: one baby

I think we're set. We have diapers, a place to change the baby, a place for baby to sleep, swing, bounce and rock...and most recently, a place to take a bath. The only thing we're missing is the baby...(who am I kidding, I'm sure there are PLENTY of things baby needs yet that we just have no idea, but we'll figure that out as we go)


Happy St. Patricks Day!

Bryan and I met with Grant tonight on the house plans, we're close! The plans are all finalized, so now we have to get the plans to our loan officer and to the assessor so we can get the plans approved or whatever it takes to start digging. So, the plan was maybe to dig this Friday, but the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating. Snow and rain today, possibly more snow and rain tonight/tomorrow, maybe Friday, who knows. Hopefully next Monday at the latest, unless the assessor is busy. But...things are in the works!

Little more progress on the nursery, moved the old rocking chair up (depressingly...my butt barely fits in it! I'm sure it's just a small sized chair...riiiigght), got the hutch that sits on top of the dresser upstairs and folded the laundry. Bryan said he'll assemble the hutch to the dresser tomorrow night, baby steps :)


the belly.

nearly 37 weeks.


Did a little work in the nursery and with the baby stuff today. Forgive the hideous wallpaper and carpet...I refuse to spend money on this rental home in regards to decorating. Hopefully the baby doesn't remember...probably a few things we need yet, but I think we're basically ready. Diapers, onesies, blankets, bassinet (not shown) and love :)



We had our 36 week appointment yesterday, heartbeat was in the 140's, measuring at 34 cm (should match the # of weeks I am along apparently, so might be a bit small but Doctor says not too small, not too big)...maybe it just means I'll have a nice 7 lb baby, instead of 9 or 10....

Bryan got back from Vegas yesterday afternoon so it's great to have him home again, however we were hoping I'd be over my sickness by the time he got home, and of course I'm not. So hopefully he doesn't end up getting it.

That's about all I have, haven't started to dig the basement yet, hopefully within a week or two and no appointment next week as Dr. Gildner is out of town.

showered with kindness

Angie and Krystal threw a baby shower for me today, which was super thoughtful of them. Everything was great, from the food to the games to the gifts of course. A big thanks to both of them and all of the guests! It was really nice. And now baby will have something to wear when it arrives! Below are a few pics, sorry the quality isn't the greatest, mom accidentally had her camera on the wrong setting. (no problem, Mom ;))
The adorable diaper cake Angie made. She's a pro at these :)
Angie with her cake
The group
Me with the cake. I hate pictures.
The hostesses with the mostest. And...There are SIX of us in this picture! From the left: Angie and Baby Nessler, due Sept. 3rd, Me and Baby Bode, due April 8th, and Krystal and Baby Loula, due July 16th.

Thanks again Angie and Krystal!



I've decided being sick and hugely pregnant at the same time sucks. Finding a comfortable position while sleeping for longer than 30 minutes is one thing...add not being able to go another 30 minutes without coughing or blowing your nose and it's becoming unbearable. Really attractive visual, I know. But, everyone seems to have gone or is going through it, so I guess it's just my turn. Thanks, Ang.

Tomorrow night mom and I have our car seats inspected to make sure we installed them correctly, then breastfeeding class (what a SUPER convenient time for Bryan to have a conference in Vegas :)), doctor appointment Friday afternoon, then baby shower on Saturday. Hopefully I have some pictures to share within the next few days.


getting prepared

Our car seat and stroller finally came in. Well, I shouldn't say 'finally' came in since I just 'finally' ordered it last week sometime. Either way, it's here, and all put together. Of course Bryan refuses to read the directions...so we had a random bolt left at the end of the stroller assembly...go figure. However, we found its home and after a few trial runs down the hallway, it appears to be functioning.


bad blogger...

Sorry, I realize to be a good blogger you're supposed to post almost daily, I just haven't had much to update. Our next baby appointment is next Friday. Apparently that's the appt where the checkups start to hurt...gee, can't wait. Then we go weekly til this baby arrives.

Bryan's birthday is this Thursday. Probably not doing much as it's card night for the guys, and we decided we're not celebrating birthdays this year. We had childbirth class the night of my birthday. I think we talked about pain that night...happy birthday to me.

Still on track to start digging on or around the 15th, as long as the weather is good and everything is ready to go.

So, that's it. Sorry for all of those reading this blog (ha, who am I kidding, all maybe 2 people? :)), it's going to be really boring until the house starts and then til the baby is here.


i must be on drugs.

Up until last night, I had successfully avoided the camera since getting pregnant. Well, there was one picture taken a few weeks ago...however I was able to confiscate the camera and delete it. But last night...some very unkind women, I won't say names, thought it was great to get a few shots. And, I couldn't get them to leave their cameras behind. Anyways. I have finally succumbed to taking an official 'belly pic'. All I heard last night (and throughout my entire pregnancy basically) was 'how much I'll regret it if I don't'. So. Here it is. Nearly 35 weeks along. Five long weeks to go.



a glance down the street from the corner...our lot is in the void...where the backhoe is sittingbryan's backhoe
the backhoe is sitting on the far right edge of our lot, so the house will eventually fill this view :)

On Wednesday, 2/26, Bryan dropped off the backhoe onto the lot. Obviously that's as far as we got...but...it's something!


15 days before we hopefully start building...
37 days before this baby is due...

completely unprepared for this baby!

uncharted territory

Well...after finding myself getting a little addicted to some other blogs and seeing some other families using it to keep friends and family posted on current events...I thought I'd give it a try. Maybe no one will ever visit it :) But...assuming it saves and archives posts...it'll be a fun thing to look back on one day. Provided I actually keep it up.

So, if you are someone other than myself or Bryan reading this...this blog will probably only interest you if you want to see updates about the pregnancy, house building and then of course I'm sure it will be full of pictures of the baby.