pics...for real this time.

Okay, loaded like 2 at a time and finally got them on here. The ones near the bottom seem all too similar, but I just love his different facial expressions.

I think in like a month or so it might still be a bit easier to take some cute photos as hopefully he can sit a little better then, but for now, I love how these turned out. He'll hate me some day.

I think this was our signal to be done...


Sorry for the delay. I haven't finished editing and cropping them yet, and I've been trying to load them for the last 28 minutes...but the files are so enormous it keeps crashing the upload. Maybe at lunch. Sorry :(

PS...I am SO mad we lost fantasy football this weekend. One stupid point. Stupid kicker and stupid overtime.


GREAT weekend!!!!!

Just a short and sweet post...will add pictures tomorrow morning...but for now just wanted to say Bryan and I had an awesome weekend together. Started out Saturday driving up to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Al's in Stillwater for a little family photo shoot (hence the new picture on the blog header). I think they turned out really well! Connor is smiling anyways,that's what counts. Then we headed to wedding #1...and I am so embarrassed to say that we walked in to catch the end of the receiving line. (Alissa..I am SOOOOO sorry!!!!) I SWEAR the wedding was at 2:30, and we did think it was a little strange that no other cars were driving into the parking area...walked up to the ceremony (beautiful outside location) to see that the line was half way thru greeting the new couple :( But, at least we got to see the beautiful bride!! It looked to be a beautiful wedding. Then we went back to Mary and Al's, waited for my friend Anne, then headed to wedding #2. Yet another beautiful wedding and reception. It was just a great day. Bryan and I just had an awesome, care free day together. Something we rarely get anymore :)

Then this morning we tried to get a few photos of Connor (again, will post in the morning) before heading back home. Today we spent ALL day doing little projects on the house, and, again actually enjoyed it together. Put his poker table together finally (wedding gift), rearranged the card room furniture, put together a dresser/armouis for him in the basement, and did some general cleaning. Again, not the most fun tasks, but it was fun to do them together. Connor was AWESOME for us today and basically played with himself on the blanket for HOURS. Such a good baby! Even tho he does have a bit of a cough :(

Okay, my short and sweet post got a little long. Maybe I should have done a bulleted list. Sorry. At least the morning post will be all pictures :)

PS...it was great to hang out with Anne, see Marissa and talk with Lindsey. Haven't seen Linds and Marissa for far too long. We definitely need another Scotland reunion.

Hope you all had great weekends as well!

Another PS. Busy week coming up. Brent and Desirae visiting tomorrow night, Tuesday going running/walking with Anne (starting a little tradition...technically restarting), Wednesday baby shower for Krista, Thursday hosting a baby shower for Ang and then Friday Heidi, Jesse and Reece are coming for the weekend! So excited to see them!

Ok. Done now. Good night. I'm sure I forgot something, but will remember by tomorrow morning :)


old photos

Cleaning out my inbox and realized I forgot to post the pictures that mom took while I was at scrapfest two weekends ago. He's not quite a 'fully supported sitter' so the naked sitting shots aren't turning out quite yet, but we'll be re-trying them today at Mary's I'm sure :)


crib fun and teeth!

Tonight while packing for our mini trip tomorrow I just laid Connor in his crib with all the lights on. It's really his first time in his crib awake...on purpose. I know, I know, I should be teaching him to go to sleep on his own in his crib. So sue me. Anyways. He was enjoying himself, looking around, I think it hit him that he was in some sort of a cage..looking all around and seeing 'walls' confining him. Then he would crane his neck back to watch the little waterfall toy. And the best...I finally got a picture of his teeth! And I didn't even have to pry his mouth open :)

Okay, it's maybe hard to see, but they are there!!!

sleeping boys

I think I've mentioned this before, but every night, Bryan brings Connor up to bed with him when it's time for him (Bryan) to go to bed, and me to pump. He loves this time with him and it's SO nice for me because most nights, I go up to find what you see below, and I just quickly transfer Connor to his crib. Maybe it's bad that he falls asleep in our bed first...but, I don't know. It works for us right now.


mystifying movements

Connor can't crawl yet, but it just amazes me every night how far he can 'move' without 'moving'? When he started out, he was on the far left edge of the blanket playing with the sippy cup (which he has no idea what to do with) and Bug. Seems I turn my head for just a second and he's banging into the fireplace. Little bugger.


self-feeding monster

Connor has started holding the bottle himself the past few days. He probably would have done it sooner had we tried...but this morning it worked out well since I was running super late so he ate while I showered :) This pic is from last night when Bryan got him to do it. Little 'rest the bottle on one arm and guide with the other' trick...but it worked!

And...I say Monster...because Connor is getting so big :( It's fun...yet so sad at the same time. I need to get a picture of his two teeth to post...so adorable.

more box + guest book

My friend Alissa from college is getting married this weekend, and I made her card box and guest book. I LOVE her fall color scheme :)

And this box? I think it needs its own phone number. Okay, just kidding, but it has a busy few months coming up. Alissa's wedding this weekend, Emily's weekend on October 18th, possibly a wedding on November 1st, Aleta's wedding on November 8th, and then a few next spring. I don't mind, it's fun!



-It's confirmed that it was not a ghost of our washing maching the other night, there was actucally an event or something down at Sibley Park. Felt bad for our friends who live a block from the park.
-The lawn is seeded and irrigation in place. Hoping that the grass pops up a little by the weekend.
-Connor has another little cold/cough. Bummer.
-This past weekend was awesome. We didn't have too many plans and was actually pretty low key...completely awesome.
-Two weddings coming up this next weekend and a visit to Great Aunt Mary's for some much needed pictures!!
-I am 100% addicted to Bryan's fantasy football. Minorly obsessed. He should have it in the bag after tonight, he has a tight end left, his opponent only a kicker...so unless the kicker gets like 20 field goals tonight, I think we're moving to 2-1 for the season. I almost wish we were in 4 leagues.
-Happy Birthday to Zach! We had a surprise party for him Saturday night at the mug..I hang out with such old people. (KIDDING)
-Grommersch's and Loula's came over last night for supper, was fun to see Ashlyn, Drew and Brynn and hang out. We're hoping to do it much more often!

consequences of your actions

Ha. OK, kidding. But Connor is constantly on the move (ok, can't crawl, but he spins and kicks and rolls) and never stays on the blanket that we have for him in the living room. I constantly am telling him that he can't be on mommy's carpet. Now, if he wouldn't be at risk for spitting up at ANY given moment, it wouldn't be a problem...but you can never trust those innocent sounding burps. So, yesterday, he faced the consequences of his actions. Litterally :)
Fantasy football, spinning and toys really wears a guy out.

and JUST missed the blanket.

And guess who woke up with carpet imprints all over the side of his face?

Although, he didn't seem to mind :)

veggies and rice

Connor is now getting rice and veggies twice a day. He acts like he's ready for a 5 course meal...maybe he is, who knows. But, we'll probably do this for awhile. We have his 6 month appt coming up in a few weeks, we can chat with the doctor then what his meal plan should be for the day.

Trying to get him to look at Bryan and smile

yummy rice

where's your helmet?

Connor (or should I say dad) is already breaking rules. Ha. Connor was a little tired/cranky before going for the ride, when Bryan brought him home, I think it was maybe 2 minutes and he was down for a nap. (not a long one, but a nap nevertheless)


Washing Machine Poltergeist

Our washing machine at the rental in Nicollet was truly one of a kind. Every wash during the spin cycle, the noise it made almost caused us to go grab our important personal belongings and head for the basement in fear of a tornado or some incredible disaster...until we remembered it was just the washer. I swear it moved over a foot and twisted almost every time. Hopefully that has given you somewhat of an idea what the washer sounded like. It was awful. I was honestly scared it would blow up eventually. Water, clothes, everywhere.

Anyways. I swear it has followed us to our new house. Last night, while I was feeding Connor, I heard it. So confused, I walk down to the basement thinking maybe Bryan had started a load of rugs or something in the washer downstairs, nothing. Walked out to the card room, garage, nothing. Walked upstairs, nothing. Opened a window, and it got louder. So then I start trying to think if there anything outside that we left on that could possible make that noise. The irrigation system going AWOL? The hose watering the trees? Or maybe it was all in my head. Except Bryan confirmed he could hear it too when he got home. Hmm. We might never know.


no sleep for you

Connor was up at 1, 2, 330 and then wide awake and smiling from 330 til like 5. He's finally sleeping on the cushion in our bed right now, but I'm running way late and not sure how we're going to get back on track this morning.

the boppy cushion

Connor seems to love the little boppy full cusion thing whenever he's sleepy. He seems to just 'know' it means bed time, nap time, etc. We use it a lot. Almost every night, Bryan brings him upstairs and he and Connor watch TV while Connor eventually falls asleep, by the time I get upstairs, they're both out, and I bring Connor to his crib. Even when he's just waiting for me to get us ready in the mornings, he might take a little snooze. Or, in the middle of the night, if I'm too tired (lazy?) to sit and rock him back to sleep and get him back into his crib, we'll bring him into our bed with us. I feel more comfortable with him on the cushion so I know neither of us would roll over him. However, it won't be long where he'll be able to get out of the cushion on his own free will (he's growing up so fast :()

Waiting for mom to get ready in the mornings.

A shot from this morning while I was getting ready.

Right after he woke up.

You might be asking yourself why it appears we are trying to suffocate him with his burp rag? Don't worry, there is always air flow through the nose. ha. It keeps his nuk in while he's falling asleep, then eventually the nuk falls out and the rag slips off. (genius trick from the ladies at daycare)

more scrapfest

Just a few pics to share.

This pic doesn't even do it justice.

One of the spreads I completed. Sorry for the poor picture. I'll try and get better when posting pics of my layouts.

A baby wall hanging. Yes, I made Connor a blue themed one.

A little 'Grandma's brag book' I created for my mom as a thank you to taking Connor all weeked. She just had to add the photos. I hate my handwriting on projects, and I try to avoit it at all costs, but, it's also the easiest and quickest way.