ladies man

When Bryan went to pick up Connor the other day, he found all of the kids in the room picking up and putting away toys, except for Connor. Connor was busy.

Busy getting a backrub from a lady friend. (and no, it wasn't Kate. Unfortunately, we're not sure Kate digs Connor, apparently he's already moved on)

Yes, Connor was laying on a pillow on the floor while a nice little girl was gently rubbing his back. The teacher told Bryan something about what a ladies man he is. Ha, hilarious.

Connor didn't know Bryan was there until Bryan asked if he should be picking up the toys too, and at that he jumped up, put the pillow and blankie away and ran over to him.

Oh little schmo.


family time

a few pics from the last Friday when my family got together at Joe's house.

Connor helping Grandma with one of Bryan's gifts.

Ashlyn and Grammie

The two goofballs of the evening.

Joe and Krystal.


wacky hair day

Last week was wacky week at daycare. We missed Monday, I don't even know what it was. Tuesday was PJ day (LOVE those days) and Wednesday was wacky hair day. This is the first time I've ever put any product in Connor's hair, was kind of fun! He did really well, as long as he had q-tips to play with.

I was having a hard time with lighting that morning, sorry for the bad photos. It really didn't look that crusty in person I don't think.

Both ears at once. I should probably make sure he plays with the baby version of q-tips so he can't stick them so far into his ear, oops.


more mac-n-cheese please

Here's a snapshot into our lives around 5:30 pm every night :)
He hates wearing clothes lately, as soon as we change his diaper the first time after daycare, he refuses to put his pants back on. To his credit I think this video was taken right after bath time and is why he doesn't have a shirt on either.


happy birthday

to this guy.

He's 30 today.

Happy birthday to my big brother, Joe.



then & now


and now...

I definitely see the love, don't you? :)

Friday night we got together with my parents and Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn to celebrate Joe and I's birthdays, as well as Bryan's (even tho his is in March).



No, no, no, I am NOT pregnant. But my friend Sarah came down this past weekend to do some scrapbooking and brought her new little man, Conley with. It was fun to see Connor with a baby, but actually made me a little nervous to have one! Connor was very eager to feed the baby, whether it was popcorn or attempting to shove the bottle down his throat, also thought FOR SURE Conley would love his trucks as much as he does, so he would 'gently set' (ie drop or throw) them onto him while in the bouncy chair, make sure the bouncy chair was ALWAYS bouncing and of course try and shove the nuk into Conley's mouth ALL the time. It was pretty cute, but I think we can wait just a little longer ;)

I turned away for one minute and came back to find Connor was sharing his toys.

Connor was all about kissing and hugging the baby, we didn't even have to ask!

So we probably didn't get THAT much scrapbooking done, but we got some and that's all that counts :) Thanks for coming down, Sarah!


nfc championship sunday

A few pics from my mom's house where Connor and I, along with my parents and Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn watched the Vikings crush our hopes and dreams.

Connor and Ashlyn are becoming quite the pair. It's so fun to see the play together. They definitely have their 'toy struggles' as daycare would call them, but they play together pretty well. The other day when I said I was going to Ashlyn's house Connor freaked out and wouldn't stop crying until I lied to him and told him I was going to go GET Ashlyn and bring her right back.

Connor, if you're reading this in like 20 years, sorry for lying. It was for your own good.

The lint roller gained some popularity and was probably the cause of one or two of the above mentioned 'toy struggles'.


happy birthday

Is it weird to wish myself a happy birthday? Ha. I wouldn't had I not found this quite hilarious picture of myself on my hard drive. So it seemed an appropriate day to post a picture of myself.

See Bryan, I not only know how to run a vacuum...I have YEARS of experience.
(and apparently some battle wounds to prove it)

And then mom had to send a few more...

I think I finally see a little Connor in me in this photo...


fun with the ladies

The other night we went over to Craig and Lora's and met up with some other friends. Fun when we all have little ones so they nicely occupy themselves :)

These two just turned one on the 13th of January!



man he needed a hair cut, almost makes his head look larger than it really is.
(he did get one recently, so we're back to little grown-up man wannabe status)


bryan's pics from new orleans

I will say, that I am pretty impressed with his pictures. We had a good lesson before he left about clicking half way down, letting the camera focus, and then clicking all the way. Looks like he listened for the most part :)

Prepping for the weekend...

I was very impressed with the street sign photos. Ha.

Bourbon street


pre-game tailgating with the saints fans

The guys said they were all super nice.

The FOX guys looking very enthused.

Wow, I'd say they definitely made eye contact here.

And of course you can't drive through Memphis without stopping to see Elvis' mansion. This is as far as they got however, they had no interest in paying admission.

So, I'm pretty sure they had a good time.
But they're all still very upset about the loss, aren't we all.



I can't believe it's February already, however it does seem like a really, really long time ago I made my new years resolutions...oops.

I had a crazy thought to try and blog every day this month. Then I thought to myself, who would really care?

So, pics to come of Bryan's trip to New Orleans.

Also, we booked a cruise for the first week of March, pretty excited. We'll be stopping in St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, St. Maarten and the US Virgin Islands. Bring on the tanning bed!