bryan's pics from new orleans

I will say, that I am pretty impressed with his pictures. We had a good lesson before he left about clicking half way down, letting the camera focus, and then clicking all the way. Looks like he listened for the most part :)

Prepping for the weekend...

I was very impressed with the street sign photos. Ha.

Bourbon street


pre-game tailgating with the saints fans

The guys said they were all super nice.

The FOX guys looking very enthused.

Wow, I'd say they definitely made eye contact here.

And of course you can't drive through Memphis without stopping to see Elvis' mansion. This is as far as they got however, they had no interest in paying admission.

So, I'm pretty sure they had a good time.
But they're all still very upset about the loss, aren't we all.

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Anonymous said...

Good job, Bryan- and great instructor-think I need a few lessons myself.
Glad they got home safe and sound and glad they all had a nice time.