No, no, no, I am NOT pregnant. But my friend Sarah came down this past weekend to do some scrapbooking and brought her new little man, Conley with. It was fun to see Connor with a baby, but actually made me a little nervous to have one! Connor was very eager to feed the baby, whether it was popcorn or attempting to shove the bottle down his throat, also thought FOR SURE Conley would love his trucks as much as he does, so he would 'gently set' (ie drop or throw) them onto him while in the bouncy chair, make sure the bouncy chair was ALWAYS bouncing and of course try and shove the nuk into Conley's mouth ALL the time. It was pretty cute, but I think we can wait just a little longer ;)

I turned away for one minute and came back to find Connor was sharing his toys.

Connor was all about kissing and hugging the baby, we didn't even have to ask!

So we probably didn't get THAT much scrapbooking done, but we got some and that's all that counts :) Thanks for coming down, Sarah!

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Sarah said...

Haha. Love it!

Baby? Baby?

Too cute.