section 144; row 12; 35 yard line

or something like that. Behind Saints bench.


So, let's just hope they're legit :)

Free Press article

Well, their article made the front page, but picture was on A5. Ha.

For your reading pleasure:

Good work Grant and Craig for looking at the camera. Apparently Bryan and Aaron are focusing on the 'bead-thrower in the balcony' according to the caption in the paper. I might not want to know what that means. Ha.

Local fans savor the New Orleans flavor

Into the swing in a party city

NEW ORLEANS — Bryan Bode left his North Mankato home during Thursday evening, piling into a rented minivan with two brothers and a friend.

They drove for 18 hours, the first few through a rain and ice storm that sent other travelers into the ditch. But after arriving in New Orleans Friday afternoon, he's been having a great time in the Big Easy.

“It's a pretty neat city,” Bode said. “Everybody is so friendly. It’s been well worth it.”

The Minnesota Vikings take on New Orleans in the NFC Championship game at 5:40 p.m. today, but Bode, brothers Aaron and Craig, and friend Grant Poehler, who canceled a winter golf trip to make this foray into Bayou country, began “preparing” for the big game Friday.

So far, the four have been caught on video by Twin Cities media outlets and went to the Vikings hotel to greet the players. They plan to join with some Saints fans for a pregame tailgating party before the game.

“Most of the time, we’ve just been walking back and forth on Bourbon Street,” he said. “It’s nice to meet up with Vikings fans from other parts of the state.”

Marvin and Shelly Bartlett left their Lake Washington home about 6 a.m. Saturday to catch a charter flight specifically for Vikings fans. The couple already had booked a trip to Las Vegas next weekend for the Miss America pageant and will travel to the Super Bowl at Miami in two weeks if the Vikings win today.

“The flight was great,” Shelly Bartlett said. “There were some of the Vikings cheerleaders who had paid their own way. The leader of the group had us doing chants all the way down here.”

When the four Greyhound buses reached the hotel, the fans were greeted by several media members eager to sample the passion.

“It was a great way to welcome us here,” Shelly Bartlett said.

Morgan Huston, who grew up in Kiester and went to school at United South Central, traveled to New Orleans by car from Florida, sharing the drive with four friends, two of whom share her passion for the Vikings and two who are Saints fans who were visiting Minnesota. The five women arrived at New Orleans on Friday

“Meeting up with a ton of Minnesota people (has been the most fun),” she said.

Huston and friends stayed at the same hotel they were at earlier this month when they attended the Sugar Bowl at Superdome. She has lived in Pensacola for the last couple of years.

Probably the more appropriate way to share an article:


reporting from new orleans

Well, I'm starting to think Bryan should be getting paid for all of his appearances on TV. Seriously, every time Fox 9 goes to location, Bryan seems to be there. Hilarious. And the other three seem to have disappeared...hmm....

Also, apparently he talked to Percy Harvin (I go, like, you TALKED to him, or you just yelled at him walking by), he said he asked him how he was feeling, Percy replied 'I'm ready to go', and they exchanged 'knucks'.

I don't know the last time I've heard Bryan this pumped up about something, hope he gets tickets tomorrow!


"Honey, I'm on Bourbon Street!"

Well...Bryan sent a text to watch the 6 o'clock news for them. Saw all four briefly behind the camera man. Try harder, Bryan.

And, he did.

I get a text to watch Fox 9 at 9. So, we did. (Anne came over to spend my evening alone with me)

TOO funny. Don't blink, you might miss Bryan. NOT.

Then, the next time Fox went back to New Orleans, we saw this:

We at first thought fan #84 was fairly hilarious, until Bryan pops in from the side.

Shortly after, Bryan calls me. Might have had a few drinks. Anne and I wish we would have taped the phone conversation, quite hilarious. SO happy that they made TV. And then at one point goes "Honey, this is so sweet. We're on Bourbon street!" Really? I had no idea. :)

Apparently tomorrow morning on Fox news you'll be able to see Grant cattle rope a Saints fan..............

Enough said.

I wonder when he'll ever stop talking about this once he gets home??

update from the bayou

Well, they made it! They arrived in New Orleans at about 1:30pm today, I think they were hoping it would be a bit sooner but the roads were awful for the first 250 miles or so they said (ice). Cars in the ditches everywhere.

So, they were going to take naps after checking into their hotel and I'm sure stay in and relax tonight.


Bryan did say it was really cool driving into the city, said they literally were on a bridge thru a swap/body of water for 20 minutes to get into the city.

Hopefully he takes lots of pictures...and no word if they have tickets yet. I think that's on tomorrow's agenda.


look out new orleans...

Not only for the Vikings...but for these four.

Yes, Bryan, his brother Aaron and friends Craig and Grant left this evening to drive down to New Orleans. We stayed up late last night and made signs, they're SURE they'll make it onto TV, so be on the lookout for my nice cricut-made signs. They even had them laminated today. Ha.
Left to Right: Craig, Aaron, Grant and Bryan

Also, at this point...they don't have tickets. But apparently have some people lined up to talk to when they get there. All I can say is goodbye savings account ;) But, the guys are SO excited and it's a once in a lifetime thing, right? :)

The other side of the signs.

And to top it all off, the Mankato Free Press got word that they were going and wanted to do a story on them. So when I got home from work today the photographer and sports guy were there. Too funny.

Note...this is the ONLY time you will EVER see a minivan in my garage. The guys rented one for the drive down. Just wanted to make that clear...


sledding with Grandma

Mom took Connor sledding around her yard while Dad and I were at the Vikings game on Sunday. APPARENTLY he enjoyed it, however much that doesn't seem true in the pictures. He didn't have his boots (my fault) and he hates gloves. He also fell out of the sled once.

See, happy boy once you take his gloves off.

What up, Grandma.
Kid needs a haircut, bad.


Vikings Game

Dad and I had an AWESOME time at the game yesterday! I love it, the crowds, the noise, so fun. And man, was it loud! We seriously sat down for maybe one or two plays, the stadium was on its feet the entire game. Bring on New Orleans!

Dad and I. We've gone to a Vikings game each year for many years. The streak was in jeapordy this year when mom decided SHE got the tickets and picked the Green Bay game. I'd have rather gone to this game ;)

Pam Oliver from FOX

Sid Hartman (sp?) looking REALLY old. (because he is)
Sorry for the backside picture, he never turned around.

Thanks, Dad, for taking me with!


easily amused

I showed Connor the video of him watching Bryan come home one day and I got the exact same reaction in the first video. Over and over again. I'm thinking I should make a video montage of the videos we have of him, might keep him busy for a bit :) (except, he did NOT like the video of himself when he was about six months crawling towards and cuddling with his blankie...he immediately got off my lap, went and got his blankie and didn't let go the rest of the time we were watching movies)


skid loader obsession

Bryan got Connor a new skidloader toy the other day and we're not sure he's put it down since other than the few days it went MIA at Madelyn's house. I think this obsession is severely heightened by the fact that there is a life size skid in our garage. That we have to walk by to get to the car. Every morning. Yes Connor, that's daddy's skid loader. Yes Connor, your skidloader is that one (pointing to the mini version in is hand). Story of our lives around here.

Oh well, I of course think it's cute. And handy since he sat in the skid loader the other weekend for Bryan for probably an hour or two while Bryan cleaned the garage floor.


Vikings Game

I forgot to mention...I get to go to the Vikes game this Sunday with my dad. SUPER excited. They better win!


Sorry I've been so terrible at blogging lately. Haven't taken a lot of photos and yeah. (I'm sure so many of you are just DEVASTATED to see I haven't updated when you check :))

Here's a video of Connor being naughty at dinner time, which isn't rare. We have good nights and we have bad nights. A few nights ago with spaghetti...bad night. Thank goodness for my new Shark steam mop floor mop thing :)

A few weeks ago Connor's daily sheet said 'had to be told a few times to not blow bubbles in his milk'. What? No way. Connor? No. Must have been some other child. Until I witnessed this...

It's my goal in the next few weeks to take a video of drop off at daycare. Yes, I will obviously have to avoid looking like a creep with a video camera at a daycare, but he's just so grown up and I think it's so cute. He has to wash his hands when he gets there, so we go to the sink, he turns on the water, i get him soap, he rubs, shuts off water, grabs a paper towel out of the dispenser, dries his hands, throws it away, gives me a hug and kiss and he's off. I think I just still think of him as my little baby...but he's growing up! I mean, my mom emailed me the other day to confirm his second birthday party! Geesh! TWO!

Oh, and I had another video of Connor watching Bryan come home through the window, he gets SO excited. So excited he gagged and choked on his banana half way thru the video, I'll spare you all.

Oh, and I have a new computer, whoo hoo! IT's A MAC! I've converted to the dark side. (don't worry, I still have my PC laptop, I'll never be able to part)


weekend recap

We've had a pretty low key weekend around here, which is great! Dinner with some friends Friday night, Saturday got groceries, cleaned up the house and watched football, Sunday church and hung out at my parents for the rest of the day. Was nice to have a relaxing weekend! I had ambitions to scrapbook, but that didn't happen. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

Hope you all had great weekends as well!


Muesing Christmas

Every year we meet up with Cheryl's side of the family at Whiskey River. This year was extra fun because Bryan's cousin had his son, Evan, there so Connor had a buddy! Great to see everyone!

The 'Kids'
Front: Allison, Mollie, Clair, Jess & April
Back: Us, Evan, Chad, Corey, Aaron & Johnny
The 'Adults'
Front: Judy, Julie, Cheryl, Connor
Back: Tim, Evan, Dean & Nate


Snow Plowing

Connor LOVES to go snow plowing with Bryan. He seriously could sit with him for hours and hours. Odd, because we certainly can't get the kid to do one thing for more than 10 minutes at home, but put him in a truck or around them and he's obsessed.

When doing a parking lot or our driveway, Connor gets to sit up in front with dad. He especially loves the view from there.

No idea where those lips come from.