"Honey, I'm on Bourbon Street!"

Well...Bryan sent a text to watch the 6 o'clock news for them. Saw all four briefly behind the camera man. Try harder, Bryan.

And, he did.

I get a text to watch Fox 9 at 9. So, we did. (Anne came over to spend my evening alone with me)

TOO funny. Don't blink, you might miss Bryan. NOT.

Then, the next time Fox went back to New Orleans, we saw this:

We at first thought fan #84 was fairly hilarious, until Bryan pops in from the side.

Shortly after, Bryan calls me. Might have had a few drinks. Anne and I wish we would have taped the phone conversation, quite hilarious. SO happy that they made TV. And then at one point goes "Honey, this is so sweet. We're on Bourbon street!" Really? I had no idea. :)

Apparently tomorrow morning on Fox news you'll be able to see Grant cattle rope a Saints fan..............

Enough said.

I wonder when he'll ever stop talking about this once he gets home??


The Nesslers said...

God this made my night....i'm sure they'll talk about this at 'coffee' for quite some time.

Minnesota Girl said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for the good laugh! That was seriously funny!!!

Joe, Krystal and Ashlyn said...

Very cool... looked like they were having a good time, hopefully they're not too hungover to enjoy tomorrow!!!

SHarstad said...

So funny. Good work Bryan! So smooth when he enters the camera... :)

Anonymous said...

Way too funny! Bryan definitely isn't camera shy! You were so smart to think of taking a video of him being on tv too. I'm sure he'll watch it a few times!


The Nesslers said...

I've watched the 2nd video a million times....'hello - here i am'. Hilarious.

Heidi said...

Hilarious! Who knew Bryan was such a camera magnet?