reporting from new orleans

Well, I'm starting to think Bryan should be getting paid for all of his appearances on TV. Seriously, every time Fox 9 goes to location, Bryan seems to be there. Hilarious. And the other three seem to have disappeared...hmm....

Also, apparently he talked to Percy Harvin (I go, like, you TALKED to him, or you just yelled at him walking by), he said he asked him how he was feeling, Percy replied 'I'm ready to go', and they exchanged 'knucks'.

I don't know the last time I've heard Bryan this pumped up about something, hope he gets tickets tomorrow!

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Mel said...

Hi Christy, I'm Mel Erin Barretts good friend...I have been reading your blog and how exciting about Brian and the Vikings. I'm a huge Vikings fan and am loving all of this. What a fun experience for him and his friends! Hope all is well and GO VIKINGS!!! :) So cool he was able to talk with Percy!