Most of our windows came in today, and they already have all of the ones in the back put in! Besides the three that are backordered. Well, technically not backordered, the tornado that went through a town in Iowa is really close to the plant where the windows are manufactured, and the plant is out of power, workers without homes...etc. So, not sure when they'll be back up and running. Hopefully in a week or two? No idea. The guys are hoping to get the rest put in tomorrow. Can't wait to see the front of the house with them! Loving the back.

Insulators are planning on coming on Tuesday, then they start sheeting, maybe the following week? I should really get a better idea of our timeline, but I know it's moving, that's the most important thing.

I am going to pick up our kitchen cabinet sample tomorrow morning, hopefully it's 'perfect' and we can go ahead and place the order for the cabinets, get the trim and doors going, etc. But, I have a feeling it'll be a little too 'red'. We're really shooting for the nice, dark looking cherry color, almost just a brown with a hint of red, not mostly red...if that makes any sense. So, we'll see.

Oh, and yesterday Connor rolled over in his pack-n-play. I set him in there, almost sleeping, 15 minutes later when he woke up crying...he was on his back. Granted, it's not the most flat surface ever, little bit of give in it so it was probably easier to roll over in there than on the floor...but still. Let's just hope he doesn't start crawling while we're still in this rental, I can't imagine baby proofing this place. As if.

And finally, the pictures.


More Smiles

My mom caught some more smiles and talking on camera on Monday. Bryan, Connor and I stayed out there on Sunday night as my dad wanted to put Bryan and I to work on one of his research barns early in the morning. My mom willingly volunteered to take nighttime feedings...and what does Connor do? Sleeps for SIX HOURS. Six. 6. He of course has NEVER done that for me the little brat. But, then last night, he did sleep for 5, up for an hour, then back down for another 4 so I can't complain about that! Hopefully this will become routine. Ha. I'm so sure.

More Memorial Fun

We didn't even get out on the lake this weekend...so Connor has yet to have his first real lake experience. Which is probably okay considering the Sheriff was on the lake all weekend and we don't have a life vest for him yet. We'd probably get in quite a bit of trouble for that... But of course we still had to try on our new swim gear, hopefully there's a nice weekend coming up where we can put it all on again and put his toes in the lake!

Oh, and the wind was still mach 10. Really getting sick of that.

Aren't his swim trunks studly?? I'm in love with them.


Memorial Weekend Fun

Our friends, Jeff and Chandra, had a little party/bean bag tourney out at their place last night. It was VERY windy, but still a great time, even tho my bean bag partner Craig and I didn't win. Maybe next year...

I didn't have a problem finding someone to hold Connor, that's for sure :)

Bryan is out golfing 36 holes (yes, crazy, especially since it's his first time out of the season and there is a 30 mph wind..., how fun) so Connor and I have been attempting to clean up the house a bit, get some laundry done, etc. Tomorrow we will be at the lake, supposed to be in the low 70's and only 20 mph winds...that might be the new 'calm' around here. Awful.

Uncle Joe, practicing for his baby girl set to arrive July 16th!

It's not Zach's fault he's crying. We gave him a hungry baby that probably needed to burp :) He handled it like a pro.

This was basically him all night.

update from 31 otter court

The house is still coming along really well. We're hoping to have windows this week! Possibly siding, I can't remember when Bryan said they're starting that. I believe the wiring is almost complete, then they'll start insulating and then sheetrocking! (that means painting would soon follow...taking all volunteers and color ideas :)) All of the steps are in so it was actually my first trip to the basement when I took these photos. We aren't finishing the basement, so besides insulation, this is how it'll look for quite some time.

This wall isn't getting insulated (little room inside the garage) so they sheeted it already.


Steps from upstairs down to main, we added a closet in Connor's room above the steps, much better use of space.



paper randomness

I went scrapbook shopping with my friend Sarah yesterday, and of course we always have a good time...and always spend probably a little too much...okay, maybe I went a little overboard. But to my credit, I have multiple projects going on, and she is a super scrapper and always seems to be caught up. So, I had stuff to buy :) Both her and I are going on a scrapbook retreat (unleash all of your 'what a dork' comments here, or stop reading this post :)) in June with a bunch of other women so we needed to prepare.

My most recent scrapbooks have been very 'themey' and 'matchy-matchy'. And, I have been told I kind of have a 'thing' about matching. So, buying paper for Connor's scrapbook was a little outside of my box as using paper that all coordinates is probably unrealistic for a little boy's scrapbook? I mean, yes, it could be done, especially for a little mini album or something, but for his 'life' scrapbooks? Probably a little unrealistic. So, I just went around the store and picked out papers. I've decided I have something huge against pastels because I hated every traditional 'baby' paper. I would hold up paper I'm normally drawn to to Sarah and ask 'too girly?' or 'is this okay for a baby?' and Sarah would politely nod her head and point to example layouts around the store and ask me, "does this paper look like it's meant for a baby? No. The only baby thing about it is the picture. So, as long as you put a picture of a baby on it, you'll be fine." Always my voice of reason. And, she eventually got sick of me and just ignored me. :)

So, here are my papers that I picked up. I love them all, now I just need to 'baby-fy' them with Connor's pictures. And let me tell you, the whole issue of 20 racks of girl clothing to 2 racks of boy clothing transferred right into the scrapbook store. I don't know how many times I held up some paper that was absolutely adorable for a little girl. But, I had to stay strong with the manly colors for my little Connor. Not sure he'd appreciate a bunch of pink flowery paper in a few years.

She did find a pack of rub-ons that were perfect...

I know. Crazy.

Hope you all have fabulous Memorial Day weekends. We are going appliance shopping today, hanging out with the Bode's tonight and hopefully it's nice out the rest of the weekend because Connor also got an adorable pair of swim trunks yesterday that he is dying to show off to the ladies and maybe take a dip in the lake at Grandma and Grandpa Loula's. Hopefully I'll have pictures to share :)


busy busy

I stopped at the house yesterday before my 'pick out plumbing fixtures' appointment and arrived only to have to park half way down our street because of all the activity. Multiple cement trucks (which I later witnessed one back right into the other...that was parked), electricians, masons, plumbers and then me. It is FANTASTIC to see of all of this as it obviously means progress!

Back to the plumbing fixture comment...wow. Who would have thought there are HUNDREDS of shower head combos to pick from, and then triple that many faucets. Geez. Again, I must not be very observant because I couldn't tell you if the bathroom I use everyday has a single handle, solid plate double handle, mini widespread handles or widespread handles, let alone what finish it is. Okay, I take a little of that back. It's shiny chrome. Anyways. I can only hope I made good, nice looking choices, as I haven't picked out countertop or colors in any of the rooms yet.

Today I lay out my kitchen, specify what type of drawers or shelves I want in the cabinets, and hopefully nail down the type of wood and stain color for the cabinets, moulding, doors, etc. These decisions are coming really fast...but again, I'm not complaining as maybe that means we're ahead of schedule. (wishful thinking I'm sure)


Happy Anniversary

Here is our picture from Ruth's Chris last night. We had a great time and GREAT food. Even got a free cheesecake out of the deal since it was our anniversary. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Bode for babysitting!

Hall of Fame

This post is quite late...I keep forgetting about it (not that it wasn't a monumental occasion, Dad :)) My dad was recently inducted into the Northfield High School Hall of Fame...we joked with him that they must be running out of people to induct so they keep just going back in history :) Here's the bio they read to the athletes and their parents during the ceremony.

While at Northfield High School Tim participated in basketball, lettering three times, and football where he was a two-time letter winner, playing quarterback. He was an all-conference performer in both basketball and football. His senior year he was the co-athlete of the year. Some of his most fond memories are throwing touchdown passes to Mark Schmidt (who later became his brother in law), and also being moved to the varsity basketball team as a sophomore and earning a starting spot.

Tim's outstanding athletic abilities were affirmed as he was given a full-ride college scholarship to attend and play football at Drake University. Tim attended Drake and earned his BA degree in four years. From there he went on to the University of Minnesota to study veterinary medicine completing a Bachelor of Science degree as well as earning the status of Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

In 1978 Tim began his career as a veterinarian, and in 1991 through the present time has focused his efforts on swine research including improving production, herd health status while maintaining profitability. As the co-owner of the Swine Vet Center in St. Peter they employ (9) veterinary consultants. Personally, Dr. Loula has done consulting work in 25 states and 23 foreign countries and has received the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, "Swine Practitioner of the Year Award," in 1990 and has served as the president of that organization in 1992 and 1993. Dr. Loula has also been awarded the "2001 Allen D. Leman Science in Practice Award."

Tim's message to graduating seniors and current NHS student/athletes is: "Work ethic, discipline, and the ability to take set backs and move forward; these are all learned and experienced as a member of an athletic team and they are all needed in today's business world.

Tim was married to a veterinary colleague Ruth, in 1978 and they have two children, Joe and Christy. It's our honor and privilege to present a 2008 Northfield High School Hall of Fame plaque, to Dr. Tim Loula.

Here are a few pictures from the ceremony. Way to go Dad :)


nice tupperware?

You may be wondering, what the heck is this picture worth blogging about? Or, I'm probably not as clever as I thought and you know what it is already. Well, this is the top tier of our wedding cake which I'm thawing since tomorrow is officially our one year anniversary. Bryan and I are celebrating tonight by going to the cities for dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. So excited!

Another note of excitement about the tupperware...it's from one of our wedding gifts that we have just stored waiting for our new house (besides this one piece of course). The house is coming along so well...it might be just a few months before I'll be able to unpack ALL of my tupperware among so many other things! Seems like such a small thing...but really, it's exciting...trust me.

Mmm...buttercream frosting...

Connor's Reaffirmation

Last night we had Connor's Reaffirmation ceremony at Hosanna in Mankato. The ceremony went very well and then we all went out for a great supper at Neighbors. Connor was actually baptised on Friday, April 11th, right before he was transported up to Childrens Hospital. (just in case any of you are new to our blog)

Connor's sponsors are Uncles Joe and Aaron. I can just imagine all that they will teach him throughout the course of his life... :)

Here are a few (okay a lot) of pictures from the event.

I wasn't really digging the actual Christening outfits that they sell for little boys, so we found this little Winnie the Pooh outfit, I think it was perfect :) (okay, so he looked like a little chef, but he was still cute)

There was a set of twins baptized along with Connor.

The sponsors, Joe and Aaron

As Pastor Dan was walking around with him...he was saying how Connor was sleeping so peacefully...then oops 'I think there is something else going on...I better move my hand'.

Loula Clan

Uncle Joe

Bode Clan

Us with Pastor Dan. It was a year exactly that Pastor married us :)

mini with the mini

Bryan spent most of the day yesterday before Baptism at the house with the help of Grandpa Bode and Trav digging the tile for the down spouts. So of course we needed some pictures of 'mini sprout' in the 'mini excavator'. You can't tell in the picture, but Connor even had his excavator onesie on for the occasion.

all smiles

The other day I finally was able to capture quite a few smiles on camera from Connor. It's SO fun to be able to kind of 'play' with him and have him interact back with us! He's making all sorts of new sounds too, which of course we think are adorable! Sorry for the terrible picture quality, I was trying to 'focus' away from him, since it puts out the bright red/orange light, and then take his picture so I wouldn't scare off his smile...and, sorry, didn't take the time to remove red eye.


yet another photo shoot :)

We once again took Connor to a photo studio, this session a little more laid back, and way more successful! These are just a few, and they're not really 'edited' yet, and there are plenty more good ones, or at least we captured quite a few of Connor's many facial expressions... :)

So, I've made a minor promise to not take him to a studio for at least another month...but that doesn't mean we can't still play around here at home :)

Big weekend coming up, Connor gets baptized (well, it'll be a reaffirmation ceremony technically
since he was already baptized in the hospital) Saturday night, Saturday morning Bryan and I are meeting with Grant and the electrician at the house, they are hoping to get in on Monday and start their work, and then I feel like there is something going on Sunday but I can't remember...

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Weigh In

So, we might need to start cutting back Connor's milk supply...mom and I weighed him in last night, 11.5 pounds!!! ELEVEN! Like, I swear two weeks ago he was only 8 something! We have to switch car seats at 20 pounds. At this rate we'll need to do that in like two months! So sad...he's getting so big :(


more bath fun

We are definitely enjoying the bath more these days, we don't scream until we wash the hair, so we do that last. Maybe we should try doing that first and then we can have the bath fun. Okay, it's not like we're having too much 'fun' yet, but we're definitely closer.


Great Grandma Fun

Well, after all of that fun information about little Connor's butt, I thought I'd post some happy pictures :) Before going to his appointment yesterday we stopped at my Grandma's house in the cities to visit with her for a few hours. It was great to see her and she looks amazing!!! I think I have the cutest Grandma on the planet.

Connor's Checkup w/ Surgeon

Yesterday we had Connor's first checkup with his surgeon, Dr. Rustad, since his surgery on April 14th. It went very well, the doctor thinks Connor is doing fantastic. We did have to practice stimulating his anus/rectum (sorry for the TMI) just in case Connor would begin to have trouble stooling, if we notice his stomach is distended or he starts vomiting. This would mean that where the reconstruction took place, that part of the intestine might be smaller than the rest and could potentially cause a blockage, backup, etc. The doctor said based on Connor's history (dirty diaper EVERY time :)), we may NEVER have to do this, but, he wanted us to be prepared and ready if the need arose. He has another patient that had the same pull through operation Connor had, and his mom has to do it twice a day. This is just a concern for basically the first few months after the surgery, and since we haven't had any problems yet, we're pretty confident we won't. I joked about posting a picture of the probe he sent us home with...but I will spare you all that visual. We will see Dr. Rustad in another 2-3 months or so just to check in and see how things are going.

Here is a recap of our small Q&A...

Q. Will he lead a 'normal' life (eating habits, etc.)? Mom and I have heard various stories about adults that had Hirschsprungs and various concerns/issues they have.
A. Yes, 'most' cases result in a completely 'normal' life, Connor shouldn't have to worry about anything more than the rest of us, that's the plan.

Q. Will his scar grow with him or will it remain the same size?
A. It likely will grow with him, but as the doctor described, it wouldn't necessarily grow across his entire side of his abdomen, but, he does expect it to get bigger as Connor does, there probably isn't a great way of knowing how big it will get. We'll just have to come up with some really cool stories of how he got it :)

Q. How many inches of large intestine does an infant have? And how much was removed from Connor?
A. The doctor said about 12-16 inches or so would be 'normal' and he guesstimated that we took about a 1/3 of that out of Connor. So, about 4-5 inches. (originally had guessed about 7)

Q. Where exactly did the reconstruction take place?
A. The doctor made it sound like the reconstruction is basically almost immediately inside the opening. It just amazes me to think that they could get way down there through the incision in his abdomen. Miraculous :)

I think that's about it, and sorry for the TMI but I needed to document as this blog is my living scrapbook until I finally get one started for him...

Shower at Sizer's

Thursday night we had a work shower thrown for us at the Sizer residence. (Thanks Ang for coordinating!!) We had a great time, had great food, Connor was spoiled the whole night and we got lots of great gifts!! Thanks everyone!!

Ha, I promise Connor had a great time, too :)