tractor show

Sunday we took Connor down to the collectible toy show (aka tractor show). We warned him that he couldn't touch anything, it was just to look at. He did amazing (ie didn't touch anything) and walked up (okay he literally was jumping...) and down each aisle and basically could have given guided tours to anyone walking through. It was fairly hilarious, thanks Mom for capturing it on camera :)

I need to figure out what we're doing with his hair. We are kind of digging the longer look, but it's getting REALLY long in the back. Maybe I'll send him to school in pig tails one day....kidding.

Hope this video works, if not have no fear, I'll get a working version up soon.


basketball fun

Connor enjoys his little basketball hoop and will tell you that he's 'really good' if you ask him. The other night Madelyn was over so they were entertaining themselves, which is always good :)

And yes, we need to figure out how to make it a little more stable.


the basement

We have started the process of finishing the basement. With no longer having the spare bedroom upstairs and toys overtaking our living room, we decided to start finishing it off. The goal is to have the majority complete by the time the baby is here. The bathroom is already finished (however with the new floor plan we'll have to re-floor and re-paint it), there will be a bedroom, living area and 'bar' area, without really being a bar.

I'll spare you a ton of pictures throughout the process (okay I say that now), and pictures like below are generally not exciting, but thought I'd post anyways :)

 I'm standing on the landing of the steps taking this picture. We're adding a closet for all of the toys and crap and then the doorway to the bathroom will now be on this side.

 Looking back towards the stairs. The width of this 'hallway' was incredibly big for no good reason, hence the addition of the closet and moving the bathroom door.

By moving the bathroom door, we're now adding a linen closet to the bathroom and a closet for the bedroom. Door to the bedroom will now be on the 'living room' side of the wall.

How soon you forget all the work that goes into building/finishing. Like sure, great, have him come in and frame up the closets, hallway. Then once it was up I realized that the bathroom just got a little bigger and now we have to re-floor it since we don't have any leftovers from the original. Crap. And just looking again at these photos, noticing the fact that I'll have to pick out light fixtures and super exciting, fun stuff like that. And the painting. Yippee. But of course, when it's all said and done, it'll be great to be able to use the space. I am seriously crossing all fingers and toes this is all complete by the time the baby is here. I feel like with Connor's maternity leave all I (well, Connor and I) did was spend time at the house (while it was being built) or at the lumber place picking things out or at Menards picking things up. Looking forward to some nice, relaxing (ha) time at home during my leave this time around.


fun at school

On rare occasions, daycare will randomly send a photo of Connor from the day. Of course, I absolutely love it and it definitely helps to brighten my day.

Especially a photo like this. Harry Potter? Bill Gates? Either way...we still love him :)


class photo

Back in October Connor had his annual school photo taken, I always find these pretty hilarious and actually amazing. I couldn't imagine getting this many toddlers to stay put for that long, and even smiling for some of them.

Connor is in the back row, 5th from the left. Or 4th from the right, however you prefer to count.


ashlynn wolff

My friend Anne had her baby last Monday, the 3rd and she is ADORABLE. I went and visited in the hospital and then again this past Monday when some of my other college friends came down to visit. Hoping to get out there again tonight, Bryan and Connor haven't met her yet and it's time :)

(thanks to Erin for the pics)

The girls:
Rach, Me, Ashlynn, Bibs, Erin and Anne
Love these girls :)



 Last weekend we went bowling with Aaron at the WOW Zone in Mankato. First time we've ever taken Connor bowling and he did really well, especially considering the first time he went to go get his ball off the return thingy, he smashed his fingers between the balls. His patience was wearing a little thing by the end of the second game, but he did really well and talks highly about his first bowling experience. He loved his shoes, too :)

And since I really have no idea how to use my camera yet, means I don't know how to adjust to crappy lighting, hence crappy photos.

Aaron the semi-pro.

We finally thought to get this for him during the second game.

Waiting for his ball to come back.

Discovered the air blower thing.

Had to dry his hands off before every turn.

And just proof that I beat Bryan :) 
To his defense, he semi-hates bowling.


31.5 weeks

Had a doctor appointment today, all is good. The line at chipotle took longer than the actual appointment.

Heart rate was in the 130's-140s...boy? Connor is stuck that it's a boy. So if it is a girl, he's in for a big surprise. But I am sure he really has no idea what we're asking him or what is really going on.

Up a total of 5 pounds, which I will say, I'm extremely pleased with. My original goal was to attempt to actually not gain any, and somewhat lose/maintain throughout the pregnancy which clearly I am not achieving, but am fine with 5 lbs. Nine (probably more like 10) weeks to go so hopefully I don't go off the deep end :)

So, that's about it. Nothing overly exciting. Baby is moving like crazy, I feel like it's already hard to get up off of the couch or bend over and I'm already tossing and turning at night trying to find comfortable positions. Not good considering how much time I left.

I start going to the doctor every two weeks now, which will probably make it feel like it's going fast, except when it comes to the whole bending over, getting up, sleeping thing :)