Last weekend we went bowling with Aaron at the WOW Zone in Mankato. First time we've ever taken Connor bowling and he did really well, especially considering the first time he went to go get his ball off the return thingy, he smashed his fingers between the balls. His patience was wearing a little thing by the end of the second game, but he did really well and talks highly about his first bowling experience. He loved his shoes, too :)

And since I really have no idea how to use my camera yet, means I don't know how to adjust to crappy lighting, hence crappy photos.

Aaron the semi-pro.

We finally thought to get this for him during the second game.

Waiting for his ball to come back.

Discovered the air blower thing.

Had to dry his hands off before every turn.

And just proof that I beat Bryan :) 
To his defense, he semi-hates bowling.

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