english hothouse cucumber

Strange blog post title? Strange in general. BabyCenter relates your baby to a vegetable or fruit every week and this week's produce is an English Hothouse Cucumber.

Um, I have no idea what that is so thankfully they give you approximate weight (1 2/3 lbs) and length (14 inches) for normal comparison.

But for an actual pregnancy update, things are fine, good, normal. Nothing new or exciting, which is probably a good thing. Have a regular appointment this Friday and it's still hard to believe that I'm nearly thru the 2nd trimester and in the home stretch.

introducing kaelyn ann

We're so excited to share that Connor has a new cousin! My brother and his wife welcomed their second daughter, Kaelyn Ann, into the world on Sunday, November 21st. Mom and baby are doing well and we can't wait to see her again soon! Congrats!!

new family of four


matt & angie's wedding

Nearly a month ago (just got the pictures now, so it's semi-not my fault the blog post is so late :)) my cousin Matt got married at the Como Conservatory & Zoo in St. Paul. It was the first time I had been to a wedding there and it was absolutely beautiful. We were honored to be there! Was also our first time with Connor at a wedding, and it probably worked out that it is standing only during the ceremony, so he could stand and look at the fish in the pond, walk up and down the steps (don't worry, we were in the back, I don't think too many noticed my delinquent son), etc. It was also just a few weeks after we had really started potty training and since he was anti 'big toilet' at the time, we made MANY trips outside to the car where we had his potty stored. Yes. You read that correctly. Ha. I'm hoping we weren't the first parents of all time to do that... Thankfully he's okay going on regular toilets now otherwise I did find this pretty sweet portable one that I was close to purchasing. Anyhoo. The wedding was beautiful and we the newlyweds many, many wonderful years of marriage ahead!

My beautiful Grandma

beautiful ceremony at the sunken garden at the Como Conservatory

best picture I have of little man and his tie

how they spent a majority of the evening

beautiful bride and handsome groom

Double fisting it. Promise it was non-alcoholic :)

comparing ties

exchanging noogies

the QUEEN of the dance floor was my adorable niece, Ashlyn. She rocked it all night and may have been one of the last ones on the dance floor. Also love seeing my parents get out there and bust some moves.

Yet again, thanks for taking pictures, Mary!


anne's baby shower

A few weekends ago I helped host my amazing friend Anne's baby shower. I took Friday afternoon off to go hang out with Rachel and Bibs and start preparing. Had SUCH a blast hanging out all weekend with these girls, even though Rachel put us to work putting up wall hangings, cleaning, making wreaths, basically using the shower as an excuse to get her new place decorated, it was a wonderful girls weekend.

The shower was a huge success, Anne I think enjoyed herself and got lots of good baby things, great turnout, great food, it was just great overall. We throw such a good party :) Baby Wolff is due December 26th, can't wait!

After running a few errands to prepare for the shower...

Anne doing terrible at the onesie/bib game.

I think the one she's holding up says something about 'grandma' on it, and she's scanning the room, person by person, who could it be.

Rach doing what she does best :)

Missed you SO much, Rach! And it only took me about 3 hours to acclimate myself to Rachel-speak, not too shabby.

The Grandmas

beautiful bibs and I

Loved the expressions here.
Anne is opening some breastfeeding products and Bibs just seems to always have that face when looking at all things baby (babies included). Ha, love you bibs.

Anne and her beautiful mother

the wonderful hosts, well, we thought we were wonderful
hosts + honorary momma to be

And to cap off the night, Rachel doing her beloved NSYNC dance.



Better late than never, right? Halloween was fun yet again. I had good intentions of taking Connor out trick or treating, but he took a late and long nap and figured that he'll never really remember if I took him or not...right? As tradition goes, my mom, Krystal and Ashlyn came over to help hand out candy. The kids had a great time and were very sure to give each child two pieces followed by eating two pieces themselves. I'm sure some of our visitors were growing impatient, but it was still fun!

Strawberry Shortcake and Bob the Builder. What? You couldn't tell that's what Connor was?
Yeah, he was very anti-costume (which, give me a break, was overalls and a tool belt) and apparently very anti-pants as well.


voice dialing

Another clip of Connor on his phone. It appears he's mastered voice dialing, however he starts out by calling Jeff (works with my brother) and at some point Jeff must have transferred the call to Joe (my brother)...

And in case you can't quite understand what he's saying:

Voice Dial: Jeff

Hi Jeff
You in the semi yet?
Ready for the combine?
See ya, Joe

I called Joe.

happy birthday, grandpa tim

Happy Birthday, Dad (Grandpa Tim)!

Love you!

PS. Sorry it took so long to get to the point in the video, didn't realize he had just popped a cracker in his mouth.
PSS. this is Connor's newest thing, he has his own phone and makes his own calls (not really), another post coming soon of more phone call action