english hothouse cucumber

Strange blog post title? Strange in general. BabyCenter relates your baby to a vegetable or fruit every week and this week's produce is an English Hothouse Cucumber.

Um, I have no idea what that is so thankfully they give you approximate weight (1 2/3 lbs) and length (14 inches) for normal comparison.

But for an actual pregnancy update, things are fine, good, normal. Nothing new or exciting, which is probably a good thing. Have a regular appointment this Friday and it's still hard to believe that I'm nearly thru the 2nd trimester and in the home stretch.

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The Nesslers said...

Although initially excited to FINALLY see a blog about your pregnancy, I was disappointed in the lack of length. We, your faithful readers, want more:) Tell us more!
Ha, anyhoo,I am now craving an english muffin, not cucumber, muffin.