happy birthday, grandpa tim

Happy Birthday, Dad (Grandpa Tim)!

Love you!

PS. Sorry it took so long to get to the point in the video, didn't realize he had just popped a cracker in his mouth.
PSS. this is Connor's newest thing, he has his own phone and makes his own calls (not really), another post coming soon of more phone call action


Rachel said...

Does Connor always sit on the counter? hahaha...I love the "I want some candy" part. I miss you already. I really hope I can come down soon :) Maybe the first week of December? Love you!

The Westman Family said...
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The Westman Family said...

LOVE that video...sitting on the counter and "I want some candy" crack me up too. What a cutie :)

Erin Barrett said...

He sounds exactly like Bryan..ha ha!