anne's baby shower

A few weekends ago I helped host my amazing friend Anne's baby shower. I took Friday afternoon off to go hang out with Rachel and Bibs and start preparing. Had SUCH a blast hanging out all weekend with these girls, even though Rachel put us to work putting up wall hangings, cleaning, making wreaths, basically using the shower as an excuse to get her new place decorated, it was a wonderful girls weekend.

The shower was a huge success, Anne I think enjoyed herself and got lots of good baby things, great turnout, great food, it was just great overall. We throw such a good party :) Baby Wolff is due December 26th, can't wait!

After running a few errands to prepare for the shower...

Anne doing terrible at the onesie/bib game.

I think the one she's holding up says something about 'grandma' on it, and she's scanning the room, person by person, who could it be.

Rach doing what she does best :)

Missed you SO much, Rach! And it only took me about 3 hours to acclimate myself to Rachel-speak, not too shabby.

The Grandmas

beautiful bibs and I

Loved the expressions here.
Anne is opening some breastfeeding products and Bibs just seems to always have that face when looking at all things baby (babies included). Ha, love you bibs.

Anne and her beautiful mother

the wonderful hosts, well, we thought we were wonderful
hosts + honorary momma to be

And to cap off the night, Rachel doing her beloved NSYNC dance.


The Nesslers said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Please tell me someone videotaped Rachel's dance?!?! Would love to see!

Rachel said...

Great blog post Christy...my house is beautifully decorated!! It was a perfect excuse :) Glad it only took you three hours to get "acclimated"...usually it's longer. What a wonderful shower, can't wait for BW. Also, N'Sync is amazing.