matt & angie's wedding

Nearly a month ago (just got the pictures now, so it's semi-not my fault the blog post is so late :)) my cousin Matt got married at the Como Conservatory & Zoo in St. Paul. It was the first time I had been to a wedding there and it was absolutely beautiful. We were honored to be there! Was also our first time with Connor at a wedding, and it probably worked out that it is standing only during the ceremony, so he could stand and look at the fish in the pond, walk up and down the steps (don't worry, we were in the back, I don't think too many noticed my delinquent son), etc. It was also just a few weeks after we had really started potty training and since he was anti 'big toilet' at the time, we made MANY trips outside to the car where we had his potty stored. Yes. You read that correctly. Ha. I'm hoping we weren't the first parents of all time to do that... Thankfully he's okay going on regular toilets now otherwise I did find this pretty sweet portable one that I was close to purchasing. Anyhoo. The wedding was beautiful and we the newlyweds many, many wonderful years of marriage ahead!

My beautiful Grandma

beautiful ceremony at the sunken garden at the Como Conservatory

best picture I have of little man and his tie

how they spent a majority of the evening

beautiful bride and handsome groom

Double fisting it. Promise it was non-alcoholic :)

comparing ties

exchanging noogies

the QUEEN of the dance floor was my adorable niece, Ashlyn. She rocked it all night and may have been one of the last ones on the dance floor. Also love seeing my parents get out there and bust some moves.

Yet again, thanks for taking pictures, Mary!

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