family time

I lied. Just a few more, had to sneak in a few family shots before Connor went down for his super nap after the party.

Maybe when Connor turns 10 he'll start looking at the camera for family photos.

I believe at this time my mom was standing on the deck raising her arms way in the air, then touching her toes. Repeatedly. All to get Connor to smile. Which...he did. And who didn't, you should have seen her.

Proud parents.
K, promise. That's IT from the birthday party. Thank you again for all of our family that was there celebrating with us! It was a super special day for Connor :)

birthday cake

And now for the 'official' birthday cake photos :)

We need to teach Bryan how to crouch...not just lean forward :) Or maybe I should have followed what he did. Oh well. There's always next year.

I just thought this was cute.

oooh....fire....do I get to touch it?

first bite

one of the last bites...

oh no. tired. hand full of cake and frosting. not a good combo.

ha. time for a bath and a nap.
First Birthday Party = Success!

gift opening

Connor got lots of wonderful gifts and clothes...lucky little boy. He did pretty well opening them, too! He just wanted to play more with the toys before moving onto the next gift.

Not sure what I was saying to him at this moment..but must have been serious.

Yes. That's your new truck.

Okay, eat the truck.

Yeah mega blocks!

Testing out the new lawn mower.

Yes. That's your tummy. (okay, yes, guilty, we asked him where his tummy was)

Grandpa Bode helping him dig into another gift.

and another photo shoot

Just a short one tho...he was VERY sick of photo shoots at this point :)

The wonderful Grandma's with their favorite grandson :)

weekend recap

So, I know, it's Wednesday. I've been avoiding my blog I think because I still have so many pictures to post from the big bday party. I'll try to wrap that up tonight, and not bore you too much with too many photos!!!

This past weekend I spent at Heidi's again for a weekend of scrapbooking. Got lots done, had fun and just overall had a great weekend. It's about the only time I get any scrapbooking done! I feel like I'll never get caught up. However. I should probably stop scrapping EVERYTHING Connor does. His first year is going to be probably 3 albums. Crazy.

We also discovered we have a barn swallow nesting on top of our door. We have knocked the nest down FIVE different times and when I got back home tonight she has a new nest up there. TAKE A HINT! I will NOT have bird poop all over my front door/step/rug.

Yesterday also marked the start of softball season. Didn't know I was playing? Me either :) Well, I just found out recently. So, first night wasn't too bad, we won, and I got on base twice.

Alright. Onto uploading photos.

Oh, BIG weekend this weekend...it's Anne's bachelorette party!! Whoo hoo!!


I did it.

I officially biked to work this morning. Now I just need to get a helmet for Connor and a bike lock. I wanted to put a note on my bike...if you're going to steal my bike (not that it's amazing, but I've never 'parked' my bike in a public spot before, I feel like I should lock it up)...just leave Connor's blankie.


photo shoot #3/cake smashing

Alright, so it's obvious with this post how many pictures I have to sort thru. Not that I'm complaining!! But as blogger only lets you load 5 at a time, I just kept going, and was hard to rememberall that I had loaded. Ha, especially with these as they're like the same pose but maybe a different expression, etc. Sorry for so many pictures!!

The first dip.

not. sure.

Is it paint, Mom?

Nope, not paint. Want more.

Hmm, still feels weird.

obsessed with tummy

I took the cake away briefly to cut up the cake part, he had just been scooping off the frosting.

He was surprisingly good at using the fork.

Yeah, Connor!

tummy. still there. still dirty.

and I bet I have 20 other tummy shots from this session

just have to learn a few tricks on how to hold it yet

loving it

time to clean up!
sorry, far too many pictures that look kind of the same. Oops, I just can't get enough :)


photo shoot #2

again, the phone.

I think the frame has potential as a prop...just didn't get him to cooperate. He kept wanting to push it down onto the ground, then have me pick it back up so he could push it down, and, repeat.

and the tummy.

worth editing...especially to get my hand out.