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Happy Birthday Connor!! Today was the big day. It was great! (I had a few moments of being really sad, he just seems so old) I swear everyday he does something new that makes me think of him more and more as a little boy. He changes everyday. Today for the first time when I asked him where Connor's tummy was, he lifted up his shirt. So cute.

So, what did we do today? Well, we started the day singing Happy Birthday to him in bed, then daycare, then Angie, Kate and I visited him at lunch at school, then came home with a visit from Grammie, then out to eat with the Otto family at Happy Joe's in New Ulm where they did the whole horn blasting, siren singing routine with free ice cream! He had a great day. Even got to stay up WAY past his bedtime.

I promise I have pictures, and pictures/videos to catch up on, too. But not tonight, I'm tired.

But...here's the monthly list of what's going on in Connor's world...
-still loves, loves, loves his blankie.
-if you ask him where something is, he'll point to it (obviously things he knows, blankie, nuk, ball, etc.)
-I think he knows the word 'ball'. Obviously sounds more like 'bah'...but, he uses it probably 85% when looking at the ball, that means something, right? :)
-Pretty sure he's still very short..but will find out for sure on Monday
-is back being naughty at diaper changes in the morning
-can drag his blankie around with him (his blankie is very thick and pretty 'heavy' for a blankie, we consider this his strength training for the day
-loves to climb (video coming soon)
-LOVES being outside.
-is on whole milk exclusively
-starts having to buy breakfast tickets at school on Monday...such a big boy
-Still gets milk before bed, but in a sippy cup. (which whatever, is still probably against 'babycenter' guidelines
-loves hitting the garage door button every morning and everyday when we get home, knows that it's the middle button even
-still loves his little nuk...
-talking more...but other then 'bah'...no real words
-still loves phones, remotes, anything electronic
-sleeping great

I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting. Promise pictures and videos coming soon. I'm off of work next week on furlough, so I have no excuse not to blog!

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