"he's got a shovel"

This is actually related to the last post, Armed and Dangerous. The other day at lunch I went over to see connor and there was one of the teachers standing outside of his room but looking in (there is a little half door to get into his room), just standing there, staring into the room. I then heard another one of his teachers say something I couldn't quite hear, but 'Connor' was involved...then the lady, still not taking her eyes off of the far corner of the room goes, "I know, I'm watching him". Then the lady from the back room "yeah, he's got a shovel". Or something like that.

You kind of had to be there, but it was like someone describing a convenience store hold up. "He's got a gun". But it was my son...with a shovel.

I can just see him now..swinging, throwing the shovel at anything and everything...including other kids. Ha.

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