fun with Ashlyn

Me this time :) Not Connor

These are from last weekend when we put the rest of the dock and the boats in the water. She loves me.

Weekend Recap

Well, the weekend has come and gone and it's offically JUNE tomorrow. Our weekend was awesome, Anne's wedding was beautiful and we had an amazing time!! Got up there early Friday morning, decorated the reception hall, went back to her parents house to get ready for the rehearsal and groom's supper. Rehearsal went great, groom's supper was awesome (steak!) and then the big day. Everything went perfect, hair, getting ready, pictures, the ceremony (held back my tears for the most part, until her dad came up to give the message (he's a pastor)), the limo ride, the dinner, the dance, everything!! No pictures yet, too tired to take them off of my camera, sorry! But hey, I do have pictures from our boat ride with Connor when we picked him up from my parents this afternoon.

Special shout out to Aaron (kill), Bryan's brother...he's 30 today! Thanks Nate & Cheryl for the great meal tonight and great visiting with Bryan's aunt and uncle Dean & Julie and cousin Claire.

Maybe next summer he'll be able to see over the windshield...

He loved it.(shocker)
Loved all the buttons, steering and even figured out how to 'go faster'.

Wanted to touch the water in a bad way. (but that's a $50 ticket to sit on outside the boat on the front...not that we know from experience or anything)


Today = Friday

For me anyways :) It's Anne's wedding weekend! Leaving early tomorrow morning, catching a ride with Anne's parents-in-law to be. Bryan will be driving up Saturday morning.

So, need to finish up her guest book, potentially dye my hair (I am not ashamed to use box dye), pack and should be set! So excited!

Have a great weekend everyone.

lawn mower fun

Connor has a minor (okay, quite major) obsession with driving, riding or climbing on any moving vehicle/atv/etc. Sitting in the drivers seat of our vehicles. Loves it. 4-Wheeling with Grandpa Bode, brings Nate his boots so that they can go back outside, and now, the lawn mower. He rode from Craig's (we share a lawn mower) to our house, I tried to then take him inside to have supper which was a bad idea since you can hear the mower. So, I put his sweater and hat on and brought him out to dad. I missed the photo op...but he seriously fell asleep by the time Bryan was done with the yard. Adorable. And then he woke up when Bryan was done, and was not very happy that he had to get off of the lawn mower. But nothing a can of beef ravioli and strawberries won't fix (his new fav, the ravioli that is).

Making the rounds

Yes, I know this is probably illegal and potentially very dangerous. But still cute.

Hard to tell, but he's pointing, like he's directing Bryan which way to go next. Then he had a huge yawn...but continued to point. Thinking this will probably be one of his chores, no? Not fair Bryan gets help with his things...pretty sure Connor isn't going to have much to do with dusting. (Bryan would insert here that as if I have anything to do with dusting as it is)
Although, Coinnor does like to pull around the swiffer mop thing.


More Connor + Kate

The Nessler's came over the other night for a quick visit, always fun to see Connor and Kate together :)


Memorial Day Weekend

Well, our beautiful three day weekend is coming to an end. Saturday morning I painted the dining room (had some settling cracks that were repaired so had to re-paint those areas), spent most of the afternoon at my parents putting the boats in, rest of the dock, etc. The lake is officially ready!

Yesterday I painted the office (settling crack again) and got most of my scrapbooking supplies put away. It was nice to get it all organized again. Then Sunday afternoon we went to our friend's house for a party, had a great time and got 2nd in the bean bag tourney. Lost to my brother. Dangit.

Today I painted a little in Connor's room (still not done), worked on the office some more, went to Sam's Club, met my parents for supper at Westwood and now am home about to call it a night.

I have Friday off because of Anne's wedding (so excited!) so just a three day work week this week. Whoo hoo!

Hope you all had fantastic weekends!

final New York

Another reason for Bryan to come with me to New York was the fact that his brother, Jeff, lives in upstate New York. We haven't seen Jeff since our wedding so it was great to see him! They went to the Twins game on Sunday...Twins lost of course, but they still had fun.

Us in Times Square. We were celebrating our anniversary this night. (technically it was Tuesday after we got home, but close enough) Went to Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse, so I think it's officially a tradition that we go to a great steakhouse every year for our anniversary....right? Ruth's Chris last year, Frankie & Johnnie's this year. Or maybe just a restuarant with two first names.

The three of us at the Pig & Whistle Irish bar. It was pretty amusing, I was catching up with Bryan and Jeff after supper with some co-workers, they asked me where I was meeting them, I said "the pig something" and they all cut me off and screamed 'The Pig & Whistle!!!!" Well yes, sure, that sounds right :) Apparently they had been there before.
And there ends our trip to New York. Bryan surprised himself and loved it, said he'll definitely be back. :)

More New York

I will admit that Bryan and I were pretty cliche tourists...we took a bus tour AND a boat tour. But, hey, we only had two days to see the entire city, why not? :)

These are in NO order whatsoever.

Empire State Building

Times Square

Both Yankee Stadiums, new on the left, old on the right

Statue of Liberty

The World Trade Center towers once stood here. We weren't able to go right to the site, but it was still just amazing. 16 acres were destroyed that day.

This building out on the pier actually circulates air in the tunnel beneath it every 90 seconds. There is a matching one across the river.

city skyline...it was unfortunately foggy and overcast

A pier turned golf driving range. Look closely, the golfers are 4 stories high.

Every building in NY City that is 6 stories or higher has to have little water towers on the roof. Most of the buildings enclose them so you can't see them.
Just in case it's ever a trivia question :)


Friday Night Twins vs Yankees

Here are a ton of pictures from the game Bryan and I went to last Friday night. It could not have been a better evening, the weather was perfect, Bryan was like a kid in a candy store...okay, would have been better if the Twins would have won, but it still was awesome.

Outside the new stadium

The old stadium, right across the street

Kid in a candy store. Not sure if he stopped smiling the whole time we were there.

Morneau stretching

Joe Mauer warming up

some guy, Jeter and A-rod for the anthem.

Johnny Damon

NO idea what this was about. But he pulled this little Disney princess bag across the entire field.

This just looks wrong.

Damon drawing a line in the dirt...

Ump wasn't too thrilled with that


All lit up.


Daycare's Spring Party

A week ago our daycare hosted their annual spring party. Games, food and goodie baskets. I would think the older kids have a little more fun (minnow racing, etc.) but Connor still had fun...he got to play on the big kid equipment :)

(sorry, terrible pictures from the evening, just wanted to share his cute little outfit)


First Hair Cut!

I'm sure you all agree with me...it was overdue.

See the duck tails coming from the back?

The mess of fro-ish curls

Duck tails again.

View from above.

In process. Had to see what was going on all around.

Nearly done!

He refused the cape so we had to blow all the hair off at the end. There was surpsingly a lot! (okay, maybe the rest of you aren't surprised)

All done! He looks SO much older :(

Mom, do I still look cool?