31.5 weeks

Had a doctor appointment today, all is good. The line at chipotle took longer than the actual appointment.

Heart rate was in the 130's-140s...boy? Connor is stuck that it's a boy. So if it is a girl, he's in for a big surprise. But I am sure he really has no idea what we're asking him or what is really going on.

Up a total of 5 pounds, which I will say, I'm extremely pleased with. My original goal was to attempt to actually not gain any, and somewhat lose/maintain throughout the pregnancy which clearly I am not achieving, but am fine with 5 lbs. Nine (probably more like 10) weeks to go so hopefully I don't go off the deep end :)

So, that's about it. Nothing overly exciting. Baby is moving like crazy, I feel like it's already hard to get up off of the couch or bend over and I'm already tossing and turning at night trying to find comfortable positions. Not good considering how much time I left.

I start going to the doctor every two weeks now, which will probably make it feel like it's going fast, except when it comes to the whole bending over, getting up, sleeping thing :)


Randi said...

exciting! only 9 wks left! geez. I think boy to! :)

Erin Barrett said...

Ah exciting Christy! Your pregnancy seems to be going fast. Can't wait to meet him/her!