Fashingbauer Christmas

Following tradition, we spent Christmas day at my Grandma's in the cities. Bryan was unfortunately unable to make it because he was super sick, I'm sure he would have much rather been with us than on the couch unable to move, talk or swallow.

Always great to see the many cousins, aunts and uncles and of course my Grandma!

Grandma meeting Kaelyn

Connor practicing, ha. He was having fun 'stealing' her nose, and then asked if he could hold her. After 20-30 seconds, he goes "Give baby Kaelyn (he says katelyn) back to Ashlyn's mommy". Ha.

Absolutely no purpose to this picture other than to point out that I will need some mothering help if I do have a daughter, as Kaelyn's headband is completing covering her eyes and face. Ha. After awhile the aunts that were sitting across the room alerted me to the problem.

My greedy little son pointing to his giant stack of presents.

The fam, minus Bryan.

My mom and her grandbabies

Again, plus Great Grandma

For however much his expression differs above, when opening clothes, to below, when finding toys, he did insist on wearing his new pjs as soon as we got home.

Ashlyn modeling her new hat

The cheesecake dance (only saying that as she's holding a mini cheesecake in her hand), but great form :)

The cousins!

My mom and her siblings

My god-mother, Rita, and her god-daughters

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!

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