christmas decor

Well, my Christmas decor is a little lacking this year, but it's about all I had the motivation to do. No boom/lift truck this year to help put lights on the house so I went the incredibly easy way out. Oh well, it's still festive and I still love Christmas :)

  Bryan has always said no to a real Christmas tree, but he's saying next year I can have one. So, this might be the last year for the perfectly triangular fake tree.

These are supposed to be snowflakes. They look like blue blobs from down the street.
I still might try and put one more strand of lights on each tree, but I think they're fine :)
Someday, I'll have every roof line on the front of the house lit up. Someday.

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Aleta said...

Pretty decorations! What's your secret to getting Bryan to let you have a real tree? I could use some pointers!