Bode Christmas

Christmas number two was with the Bode family out at Bryan's parent's place. Unfortunately, I don't have many photos, but I do have a few videos that I'll be posting later. This is about the time when Bryan's back started to really bother him and his fly symptoms started coming on, plus we were all spent as the night before we were out til midnight (okay this is late for us, sorry). We started the evening by going to the annual children's service at their church followed by a yummy dinner, then present opening and just hanging out.

The highlight of this Christmas was probably the fact that Bryan's older brother, Jeff, made it home for the holidays. We don't get to see him over often (kicking myself that we don't have any photos of him and Connor! They got along great once Connor realized Jeff was capable of playing trucks and tractors) so it's always great to see him.

Scenes like both of the above were very common over the holiday weekend, they sure make getting toys out of their packaging hard, which is not helpful with a very impatient two year old waiting to get it out and play with it.

Thank you to Bryan's parents and brothers for a wonderful Christmas! Connor of course was spoiled yet again :)

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