Loula Christmas

We started our Christmas celebrations (well, technically we started on the 23rd at Bryan's aunt and uncle's house, but I don't have any pictures of that...) at my parents during the day on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time and it was very entertaining watching the kids open their presents. I quickly learned that Connor is quite greedy...barely done opening a present before moving onto the next and then very distraught when he learned he was out of presents. That really starts at 2? Geesh. Regardless, it was still fun, of course.

Me with my new niece, and I tell her constantly that I'm the best, most cool aunt she has. 
No offense, Lyndsey ;)

Kiddos got matching sleeping bags so we told them to try it out, hence their pretend sleeping faces. 

Kaelyn joined in on the fun.

After opening their new camo outfits, they of course had to immediately strip and put them on. Well, Connor stripped, Ashlyn put hers over her dress. Not sure what that says, ha.

One of his favorite toys of the season, his new combine that matches his Uncle Joe's.

Somewhere in there he got naked...?

Ashlyn the photog and my brother trying to stack three golf balls on top of each other, after Bryan and I challenged him with the task after seeing some guy on Minute to Win It do it in literally less than 5 seconds. Amazing. Joe did it...but I think it took 10 minutes. To his defense, it was his first time every trying.

And just ending on a sweet picture of Kaelyn.

GIANT thank you to my parents and Joe, Krystal and the girls for such a wonderful Christmas!

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