"dad's picking me up"

So, mornings are never predictable around here. Some days Connor is super cooperative, gets dressed nicely, no struggle to get the coat on, etc., and we're out the door. Others, like this morning, it's not good.

He's picky about what shirt he wears and insists on staring into his closet for what feels like 30 minutes pulling out shirts one by one, "um, this one? No, how about this one, mom?". Same with his underwear for the day. Some days, I just let it go, others like this morning I'm in a hurry and don't necessarily have the patience. So I make him pick a shirt so we can go downstairs where he takes 5 minutes picking out what color vitamin he wants, and when I tell him we have to get dressed he responds "No, I need to have my vitamin and my medicine, first". So...then...I start forcing things along, which results in him throwing a fit, wanting his nuk, not cooperating, etc. Needless to say, he was not happy with me once I finally got him in the car. Days like this I dread having two to get ready (no offense to my unborn child, here).

He was silent (unusual) the entire car ride, at one point I look back and he's glaring at me. Nice. Then, as we're pulling into daycare, he finally speaks.

"Dad's picking me up."



Rachel said...

Hilarious. I have mornings like both of those as well...hahaha.

The Nesslers said...

God, I'm glad i'm not the only one. Kate ended up wearing a dressy dress, tights, dress shoes and a sweater to daycare today because 'that's what she wanted'......and she never wants me to pick her up and constantly tells me to 'go to work'. Oh how i feel the love.

Erin Barrett said...

ha ha...hilarious Christy. I'm sure it's not very funny while it's happening, but it's pretty cute that he's picking out his clothes.

SHarstad said...

Haha. Reading this makes me glad that Adelyn can't talk yet. I am pretty sure that Dad is already way more cool than I am.