the start of the nursery

I've started to make progress om the baby's room, yes, I realize I have a long time before the baby is here but since it took me, oh wait, I never even finished Connor's, I better get a head start. I took a Friday off a few weeks ago and spent the day painting the room and doing some other odds and ends. Was an amazing day off before the peak of our crazy season at work. I love the color of the room (many people are disappointed when they ask what color I painted the room and I respond with "tan"). It's not really traditional baby room colors, but that's what I'm going for. I'm incredibly into orange right now, so my Aunt Mary made custom bedding since there was NO orange bedding sets to be found. Mary, you are amazing, thank you SO much, I LOVE it. Hung some curtains this past weekend and that's about all I have complete so far. The plan is to accent with a deep purple/plum if it's a girl and aqua if it's a boy.

 Yes, I need to iron the curtains yet. Me and ironing do not get along so I'm kind of hoping they just straighten themselves out in the next three months.

The bumper has a iridescent like pattern on it, that obviously caught the flash of the camera. It's a little more subtle in real life, but I love it.

So, need a chair, the accent colors, some wall stuff (wall decor and I also don't get along, hence my entire house having empty walls...I just never know what to do) and I should be set to go. I think.


Erin Barrett said...

Love it Christy! Also, our Christmas card this year was darling!

Erin Barrett said...

I meant YOUR Christmas card...I'm not sending any :)