"I'm going to wait for Santa"

We go from one extreme to the next around here, so excited for Santa to bring him a new car to saying he doesn't want Santa to come (when we're threatening him with the idea Santa might not come if he doesn't do X, Y or Z), but I know I'M excited for tomorrow morning when he comes down the steps to see if Santa has been here or not.

When I was pouring the milk, Connor thought for sure Santa would want chocolate milk, so we mixed that up. I don't have any cookies...so we're hoping puppy chow will do. However when I asked the Santa at the mall today if he eats puppy chow too, I think the guy thought I was talking about dog food and replies, "ah, I don't eat puppy chow. Just milk will do". Work with me, Santa.

So, after he got the milk and chow ready for Santa, he sad down and declared that he's going to wait for Santa. Thankfully, he has a gazillion new construction equipment toys to drive all over the house, he quickly forgot about waiting. 

PS. We've had a WONDERFUL start to Christmas, celebrated last night with Bryan's cousins/aunt/uncle, with my parents and his parents today and then cities with my cousins, etc. tomorrow. Pictures/videos to come :)

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