potty training update

Nothing too exciting going on around here, hence the lack of blog posts. Busy trying to get ready for Christmas, I went to Atlanta for work for two days, Bryan's busy snow plowing, etc.  Baby Bode is doing well as far as we know. 29 weeks today, entered the third trimester last week I think and I will say, getting tired at night. Feel it's a little early to be getting tired but who knows. Might also be the fault of the little boy that walks into our room still at 2am and adorably asks if he can sleep with us just for two minutes...

Potty training is still a work in progress. He's great with #1 (knock on wood). Wears underwear to bed even (no idea if this is normal, on track, maybe he's even behind, ha). #2...still not there yet, but we are one tiny, little, baby step closer I think. We can at least get him to sit on the toilet and 'try'. This used to be a crying struggle which resulted in nothing positive, but we've crossed that bridge I think. We still have yet to have him go on his own in the toilet and I think he somewhat even is holding it since he knows we or daycare will take favorite toys away if he has an accident. I feel we're also making progress because in the last 3-4 days he TALKS about 'no more skid marks' (ha) and 'gonna go poop on the toilet'. So...I'm praying this means we're closer.

And yes, to many people's advice about bringing a book into the bathroom, it's working. However it's not a 'traditional' book but his 'skid loader and backhoe magazine'. Go figure.


Aleta said...

Ha! Your Connor is a such a sweetie. Love that he brings a backhoe magazine into the bathroom! I bet he will poop in the potty before you know it!

Erin Barrett said...

He talks about his skid marks...ha ha ha!!! Maybe if you call the toilet a "skid loader" he'll want to poop in it. Man, I'm ON today!