Vikings Game

Dad and I had an AWESOME time at the game yesterday! I love it, the crowds, the noise, so fun. And man, was it loud! We seriously sat down for maybe one or two plays, the stadium was on its feet the entire game. Bring on New Orleans!

Dad and I. We've gone to a Vikings game each year for many years. The streak was in jeapordy this year when mom decided SHE got the tickets and picked the Green Bay game. I'd have rather gone to this game ;)

Pam Oliver from FOX

Sid Hartman (sp?) looking REALLY old. (because he is)
Sorry for the backside picture, he never turned around.

Thanks, Dad, for taking me with!


Anonymous said...

Awwww- I think this is just soooo special- Thank God for Dads!(Nice photo too)
It was fun to watch -even from the living room! Go Vikes!


ttruong said...

How are you that close????