Sorry I've been so terrible at blogging lately. Haven't taken a lot of photos and yeah. (I'm sure so many of you are just DEVASTATED to see I haven't updated when you check :))

Here's a video of Connor being naughty at dinner time, which isn't rare. We have good nights and we have bad nights. A few nights ago with spaghetti...bad night. Thank goodness for my new Shark steam mop floor mop thing :)

A few weeks ago Connor's daily sheet said 'had to be told a few times to not blow bubbles in his milk'. What? No way. Connor? No. Must have been some other child. Until I witnessed this...

It's my goal in the next few weeks to take a video of drop off at daycare. Yes, I will obviously have to avoid looking like a creep with a video camera at a daycare, but he's just so grown up and I think it's so cute. He has to wash his hands when he gets there, so we go to the sink, he turns on the water, i get him soap, he rubs, shuts off water, grabs a paper towel out of the dispenser, dries his hands, throws it away, gives me a hug and kiss and he's off. I think I just still think of him as my little baby...but he's growing up! I mean, my mom emailed me the other day to confirm his second birthday party! Geesh! TWO!

Oh, and I had another video of Connor watching Bryan come home through the window, he gets SO excited. So excited he gagged and choked on his banana half way thru the video, I'll spare you all.

Oh, and I have a new computer, whoo hoo! IT's A MAC! I've converted to the dark side. (don't worry, I still have my PC laptop, I'll never be able to part)

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