g-man surgery update

Well, posting a little later than I would have hoped, but the rest of the day didn't go as we had hoped, either. We were able to go see him about 1PM or so, later than we anticipated, but the doctor was able to actually do a little separate procedure for Grayson (unrelated to Hirschprungs) that he needed done while he was under anesthesia, which of course saved us a trip in the future.

So, he took awhile to wake up from surgery, and really as I type this, he hasn't woken up much at all. If/when he wakes up, he's in pain, so we give him more pain meds and he settles down and falls back asleep. Later this afternoon he started to develop a fever, little over 100, then 101, then nearly 103. The nurse called in his surgeon, who brought an entire posse with him. When the words "I'm mystified" came out of the surgeons mouth, that's probably about the time I started crying. Grayson was crying, constantly saying 'owie owie owie' (however you spell that) and nothing I could do was making him feel better. They were concerned he was having a reaction to one of the meds, so they switched a few things, gave him more fluids, and the fever still wasn't really coming down. The doctor (and posse) came back 30-45 min later and we discovered Grayson wasn't urinating. So we had to put in a catheter (not fun). He had quite a bit of urine that came out immediately, so doctor was confident that was causing a lot of his discomfort. We're also changing his pain meds around to see if that will help.

Fever is down to 100-101, and every time he lightly wakes up, his blood pressure rises and he starts crying again. So, I'm thinking we're in for a long night ahead of us.

All in all, the doctor was confident how the surgery went. Three small incisions (small = 2mm) across his abdomen and the rest they did endoscopically (apparently that's not a word? sorry, mom). They removed about 7" of his bowel and seemed very confident what's left is good bowel.

Connor was very bored today, ha. He very much wanted to open all of Grayson's gifts, he'd ask Grayson if he wanted to open one during one of G's awake crying moments, and Connor would say, "mom, I think he said yes, he wants me to open it". And then repeat that 578 times today. Eventually he found a bike thing and rode laps around the unit. Hope the nurses didn't mind.

Not much more to update. The rooms are nice, I have a beautiful (truly) view of the Minneapolis skyline, we have a sweet TV set up (loaded with new/recent movies, etc.) and the nurses have been great so far. Hopefully Grayson and I catch some sleep tonight, visions of the nights in the hospital after having a baby and they want to check vitals every 3 hours are coming back tho....most annoying thing ever.

I'll leave you with a few pictures...

Waiting patiently (or not-so-patiently in Connor's case) for Grayson to wake up from surgery.

Finally asleep after the fever came on, trying to cool him off with ice packs and being uncovered.
(thanks for the pillow, Amanda!)

my bed, if I don't sleep with G

Connor making his rounds.

Will update in the morning.


The Nesslers said...

Thinking of you all day Bodes! Hoping for a smooth evening and that our little G-Unit will be feeling better soon. Love and hugs to you all. Thanks for the update.

(PS, love that you still manage to take beautiful pictures during all of this, ha)

Erin Wiegratz said...

We're thinking of you guys and saying a little prayer that your night goes well. Again, we're 5 minutes away if you need anything. Xxoo

Anonymous said...

Please know that Grayson will be on the top of my nightly prayers :-) Lots of love, Rita

Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts and sending hugs and prayers! Jenni

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys, Christy. Hoping Mr. Grayson feels better after a good nights rest, and that you get some sleep too.
Krista Kettner

Marta said...

Can't be easy to see your little guy so uncomfortable. You're in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for Grayson. -Marta