spring? are you there?

Apparently not considering we got about 6" of snow today. It was pretty, sure, but this family is ready for spring.

For a quick update on Grayson, he's doing okay. He actually went to school today for the first time in over a week, and although I told his teachers a bazillion times to call me as soon as it got to be too much, for him or for them (diaper changes are nearly a two person job still) and I was surprised to not get a call (don't worry, I checked in via email a few times) until about 315 or so. And, they weren't kicking him out, just letting me know that he was getting pretty tired and needed visits from Connor to perk up every so often. I picked him up shortly after.

He still is pretty nervous about sitting anywhere but if you get him distracted enough, he seems to forget it doesn't feel great to sit down. Bottom is still sore as he's still having very frequent bowel movements, hence hating diaper changes and I'm sure his incisions are still sore a bit, too. But, we're hoping every day continues to get better and we have more and more moments of our 'normal' little guy!

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