patient is anxious

This sign cracks me up. Patient is anxious. If I had written the sign it would have said something like:

Patient hates you all.
He wants to go home.
Don't even think about taking vitals.
He's fine.
He just wants to get the H out of here.

Something like that would have been a little more truthful :)

I will say, they've been very accommodating here at U of M Children's Hospital. They knew well enough to not attempt taking his blood pressure in his pre-op today, unless we wanted to disrupt all children on our level and probably a few below and above. I don't know what his deal is, but he just flips out at doctor's offices, hair salons, etc. Maybe it's got something to do with people with sharp instruments, who knows.

To catch you up if you haven't read the blog lately (oh what? you're saying I haven't blogged lately? unbelievable), Grayson was diagnosed with Hirschprung's Disease, which is what Connor was diagnosed with at birth. The procedure Grayson is having today is the exact same procedure Connor had at 4 days old, they'll go in and remove the section of the bowel that doesn't have the appropriate cells that help everything flow down. This time, however, they can do it a little different this time and hopefully avoid a big incision/scar like Connor has. They'll make a small incision under his belly button and that's where they'll go in and take several biopsies of the bowel to send to the lab where they'll check for the cells. Then they'll do the actual procedure of removing the part of the bowel that's bad endoscopically. That's the plan...if anything changes during surgery, they may still have to do a larger incision but that's not the plan going in. I brought him into the OR at about 8:30, they've told us a few hours, so I'll update sometime later today when we're settled in his room. 

Surgeon says 1-2 days in the hospital but everyone else has said 3-5 days, so we will see.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

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