Grayson slept pretty well all night, which was so good (can't say the same for me, but hey, this isn't about me, ha). His fever came down last night and has stayed down. Pretty sure he really hates the catheter, which doctor said this morning they'll take that out around noon today. Goal today is to get him up and moving around once we take the catheter out.

Not sure they know what caused the fever, or if they ever will. Could have been a reaction to any of the medications, antibiotics, anesthesia, pain, all of the above, etc.

We've watched a little Bolt and Cars this morning, but he's back to sleep now. The only 'yes' head nod I've gotten out of him was if he wanted Daddy and Connor to come back. He even said no to chocolate milk (gasp!), but I think it's the pain medications talking, I'll still order him some anyways :) He's approved for any liquid today (so far), vs was just clear liquids yesterday.

I will also note...it feels like we've been here for three days already. Sigh.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the hot 'no clothes but socks' look, this kid LOVES socks, he really never goes sock-less (something I so can't relate to).

Thank you all for all the thoughts and prayers, they're working :)


Rachel said...

If you need a break, let me know - I'll come keep watch! You can play with Bonnie :)

Lots of love & prayers to you all...

Mel said...

Oh Christy, I am keeping Grayson in my thoughts and prayers. Thinking of you all!