quick update

Nothing much to update, no amazingly great news, but no horribly bad news, either. We took the catheter out about 5PM last night, and then you guessed it...he didn't pee. Four hours later we discussed our options of some medicine that will kick his kidneys into high gear or....put the catheter back in. Then, he peed. Yahoo! He's pushing his limits, though, barely putting out enough, they want us to really push liquids today (we're still on clear liquid diet), so far us pushing juice isn't going so well. Hopefully he gets thirsty today.

We've seen a few more glimmers of our normal little boy, smiling, wanting to crash his trucks together, etc. :) Hoping of course to see much more of that today. But for now, he's resting peacefully.

You'll notice we finally put some pants on the kid, too :)

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Rachel said...

Pants are overrated...glad to hear that things are going okay.